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IRC 2009 Habitable Attics.

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1 IRC 2009 Habitable Attics

2 Agenda Definitions Why designate space as Habitable Attic? Requirements Examples Further help

3 Habitable Attic Definition
IRC Definition: ATTIC, HABITABLE. A finished or unfinished area, not considered a story, complying with all of the following requirements: 1. The occupiable floor area is at least 70 square feet (17m2), in accordance with Section R304, 2. The occupiable floor area has a ceiling height in accordance with Section R305, and 3. The occupiable space is enclosed by the roof assembly above, knee walls (if applicable) on the sides and the floor-ceiling assembly below.

4 Why Designate Space as Habitable Attic?
Enables Designer to gain a 5th Floor while staying in IRC

5 Habitable Attic Requirements
Minimum floor area (70ft2) Minimum ceiling height (5’ for > 50% of room) Minimum floor loading (30psf Live) Fixed stairway Smoke alarm Emergency egress window

6 Habitable Attic Examples
Bonus Rooms above a Garage Any attic above a relatively wide house where the rafters create enough headroom & is serviced by a fixed stair

7 Habitable Attic – Further Reading
Pennsylvania Housing Research Center Habitable Attics

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