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Properties of metals and nonmetals

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1 Properties of metals and nonmetals

2 Metals Shiny Conduct electricity Magnetic
React with acid to produce hydrogen gas. Malleable and ductile Located to the left of the “stair step line” on the periodic table, except hydrogen.

3 Nonmetals Not shiny Do not conduct electricity Not magnetic
Do not react with acid Located to the right of the “stair step” line, and also hydrogen

4 Metalloids or semi-metals
Have both metallic and nonmetallic properties Poor conductors of electricity Not magnetic Elements that touch the “stair step” line, except aluminum which is a metal. B, Si, Ge, As, Sb, Te, Po, At

5 The periodic table

6 Organization The periodic table is organized by increasing atomic number. It is divided into groups and periods The rows are called periods The columns are called groups or families. Properties repeat across rows and elements in the same group also have similar properties.

7 Groups of elements There are 7 groups on the periodic table that you will be responsible for knowing. Group 1: alkali metals Group 2: alkaline earth metals Groups 3-12: transition metals Group 17: halogens Group 18: noble gases For the bottom 2 rows Row 1: lanthanides Row 2: actinides

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