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DEPARTMENT TRAVEL CARD ONLINE TRAINING. Department Travel Card Online Training Welcome to the Department Travel Card Online Training As part of the training,

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2 Department Travel Card Online Training Welcome to the Department Travel Card Online Training As part of the training, participants are responsible for understanding the University and State travel policies and procedures included in this training. At the end of the training there is a short quiz. Answer all the questions, including your name, department, and email address. If you have any questions or problems with this training, call the Card Administrator at ext. 2080 or email us at Once you obtain your Department Travel Card, you may use this online training as a refresher course at any time.

3 What is a Department Travel Card? Department Travel Cards are set up for departments to use to make authorized travel arrangements. They are to be used only to purchase airfare, rail/bus fares/charters, hotel/lodging, vehicle rental and conference registration. Purchases are tied to the department budget and are charged as such. The cards are issued in the name of a University staff member who will become the authorized Department Travel Arranger.

4 What are the Benefits? For the Traveler: –No more out-of-pocket expenses –No more waiting for reimbursements Department’s convenience in making travel arrangements for: –Faculty and staff –Prospective employees –Guest speakers Ease of reconciliation for end users

5 How can the Department Travel Card be used? Online Reservations: Print confirmation sheet as your receipt. Phone Reservations: Request receipt be faxed or emailed to you. Mail-in Reservation: Keep a copy of your mail-in form as your receipt or request a confirmation receipt be faxed or emailed to you. Note: Department card is not to be used for in person purchases.

6 Department Travel Card Purchases Allows departments to charge ONLY: Airfare Rail/Bus Tickets/Charter Buses Hotel/Lodging Conference/Registration Fees Vehicle Rental

7 Department Travel Card Resources The Department Travel Card is the preferred method when making travel arrangements for efficiency and easy reconciliation. Department Travel must be in compliance with: –University Travel Policy POL-U53481.10 –State Administrative & Accounting Manual (SAAM) Chapter 10 – Travel Chapter 45 – Purchase Card –Department Travel Card Guidelines

8 Department Travel Card & TEM System Prior to making any and all travel arrangements, an approved Travel Authorization or documentation to evidence the approved travel must be on file prior to making travel arrangements and processing payments. Refer to the Travel & Expense Management (TEM) website on how to process a Travel Authorization. All travel expenditures placed on the Department Travel Card must be entered into the TEM system as a non-reimbursable expense.

9 Roles and Responsibilities Financial Manager approves the participation of Department Travel Card. Budget Authority may also be the Approving Official; they supervise, administer and monitor the Department Travel Card program, and provide budgetary and compliance oversight for the Department Travel Card program. Reviewer/Account Reconciler may also be the Travel Arranger. Administers and controls the use of the Department Travel Card.

10 Roles and Responsibilities (cont.) Reviewer/Account Reconciler may also be the Travel Arranger: –Ensures security of the card –Retains and maintains travel documents/receipts for six (6) years –Ensures application/agreement are accurate in file –Ensures purchases are travel related and in compliance –Notifies the bank and card administrator immediately if the Department Travel Card is lost, stolen, or compromised to eliminate department liability for any charges incurred as a result –Reviews and reconciles transactions using the online payment system –Ensures travel authorization is approved prior to making travel arrangements

11 Roles and Responsibilities (cont.) Budget Authority may also be Approving Official: –Develops internal written procedure(s) –Responsible for implementation of department procedure(s) –Assigns Department Travel Card roles within the department –Ensures travel is for official University business –Approves and reconciles all transactions on the online payment system –Requests new Department Travel Card as needed –Requests changes to existing Department Travel Card –Ensures each role is performing their duties accurately

12 Booking Airfare Airline tickets must be purchased according to State of Washington regulations. Use of State contract agencies are recommended. Benefits of State Contract Airfares: –Refundable –No advance purchase –No minimum stay or penalties –Our local state qualified agencies are: Bellingham Travel Agency, (360) 733-1270 or (800) 869-7065 Destinations Travel & Cruise, Inc., (800) 555-0947 Carlson Wagonlit Travel, (866) 437-3384 Travel Leaders, (425) 787-6388 –Be sure to let the travel agent know you are a State employee

13 Booking Airfare (cont.) To allow all appropriate means for making and paying for travel arrangements in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, effective 6/7/12, airfare no longer has to be purchased through a contract travel agency or directly with the airline. The contract is available for use as a convenience. If airfare purchase is made with a third party agency, i.e., Expedia, Travelocity, etc., then the Travel Arranger must reconcile final receipts to include the traveler’s boarding pass.

14 Vehicle Rental Enterprise Rent-A-Car holds our current State vehicle contract, #03710 Each department can now set up with their own unique Enterprise account number that is attached to the department travel card for payment. The account number must be provided when making reservation for a rental vehicle to ensure the rental is placed on the department travel card.

15 Hotels/Lodging Rates must be within the State per diem amounts specified for your destination city unless one of the exception rules apply to your situation. Finding the proper per diem rate for your destination is available on the Travel Services website. A copy of the hotel/lodging checkout statement must be provided to the Department Travel Card Reviewer and kept on file with records.

16 Reconciliation Department Travel Card transactions are reconciled through JPMorgan Payment Net System to ensure proper account codes are assigned to the transactions charged. Transactions must be reviewed and approved online by two people, the Reviewer/Account Reconciler and the Approving Official. Transactions are downloaded to Banner weekly and monthly. Transactions must be reviewed and approved by the monthly download deadline.

17 Supporting Documents Each transaction must be supported with proper documentation: –Airfare itinerary; change fee (if any) –Hotel/lodging statement –Rental car agreement –Train/rail itinerary Any document that supports evidence of purchase. Documents must contain: –Purchase date(s) –Travel/use date(s) –Amount(s) –Merchant name(s)

18 Supporting Documents (cont.) Traveler responsibilities: –Obtain supporting documents –Submit documents to card reconciler immediately –Submit documents to reconcile prior to the monthly download

19 Department Travel Card Contacts Card ServicesTravel Services Brenda Ancheta (360) 650-2080 Services: Request for Department Travel Card Changes to profile Deactivate/close account Policies and procedures Resolve declined transactions Report lost/stolen cards (contact PaymentNet first @ (800) 780-7158) Samantha Zimmerman (360) 650-3341 Contact Erica for all other travel related questions. For more information about Travel, visit the Travel website.Travel website

20 Department Travel Card Provider JPMorgan Chase: Available 24/7 Customer Service: (800) 270-7760 To Report Lost/Stolen Card: (800) 780-7158 PaymentNet is a web application maintained by the card issuer, JPMorgan Chase which allows the Reviewer/Account Reconciler and Approving Official to access travel card transactions online 24/7.

21 Department Travel Card Training Thank you for your participation! If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Department Travel Card Coordinator at ext. 2080 or

22 Department Travel Card Quiz This is the end of the Department Travel Card presentation. You are now ready to take the quiz. Quiz Instructions: –Choose one answer for each of the following questions. –Fill in your name, department and email address at the end of the quiz. –Press the SUBMIT button to email your test answers to the Travel Card Coordinator. Click here to begin quiz

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