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Procurement Card Program. This program was established to allow rapid purchases of repetitive or low dollar goods and services while simultaneously reducing.

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1 Procurement Card Program

2 This program was established to allow rapid purchases of repetitive or low dollar goods and services while simultaneously reducing paperwork and handling costs associated with these types of purchasing processes.

3  The Fayetteville State University Procurement Card is a Visa Credit Card issued through Bank of America. The Visa card allows employees to purchase goods and services under the delegated limit directly from vendors.  The card is issued in the university and cardholder’s name. The cardholder is responsible for the security of the card and the transactions.  Activating the card requires a 4 digit PIN which is the last 4 digits of your Banner ID#. You may activate your card by calling the customer service number located on the back of your card.  Your Banner ID# last four will be the security code Bank of America will ask for if you need information on your card.

4  Cardholders can obtain goods quickly and efficiently  Purchase requisitions and check requests are not required  The number of purchase orders, invoices, check requests, and checks processed are reduced  Eliminates vendor registration form

5 How the Program Works _______________________________  Cardholder makes purchase(s)  Cardholder review charges and forwards to Reconciler the original receipts and a signed bank statement.  Reconciler review charges, assigns appropriate fund and account numbers  Department head review charges for accuracy and approves  Reconciler forward Transaction Log, bank statement and original receipts to the Procurement Card Administrator

6  Procurement card purchases may not exceed $1,000.00/single transaction. Daily and monthly purchase limits are based on issuance per person. Daily and monthly number of transactions are unlimited.  Caution: Do not “split” a transaction. A purchase, exceeding your $1,000.00 single transaction limit, can not be separated into two or more transactions to avoid the P-Card limit. Splitting a transaction will result in the suspension or cancellation of your P-Card.  Note: You can only spend the amount of money you have in your budget. Example: If you have $6,000 in your budget you can only spend $6,000, not $10,000.

7  All vendors accepting VISA are registered with their bank under a specific Merchant Category Code (MCC) identifying the type of services they provide. The university has blocked all categories deemed inappropriate for use such as travel and entertainment categories, ABC stores, off-track betting, etc. The P-Card will be declined if presented to a type of vendor that has been restricted.  The procurement card cannot be used to purchase from vendors that fall under a blocked category on the MCC list. If a particular vendor does not accept the card, please contact the Procurement Card Coordinator. When appropriate the vendor block may be removed allowing the purchase to be completed.

8  It is the responsibility of the cardholder and his / her designated reconciler/budget manager to ensure that their monthly purchasing card transaction log is submitted in a timely manner to the Business Office.  The billing cycle for the procurement cards end on the 5th of each month and the transaction logs are due to the procurement card coordinator on or before the 5th of the following month. If any voucher packet has not been submitted by the due date, the card will be immediately suspended and the cardholder, reconciler, and department head will be notified of the suspension.

9 Supplies-Office GeneralSupplies-Paper Goods & Janitorial Supplies-EducationSupplies-Research Supplies-Other (including Ammunition)Computer Consumables Subscription, PeriodicalsGases & Chemicals Employee Training-Regis. Fees Food Purchases (meetings with outside guests/student activities) Medical SuppliesFertilizer Farm, Ranch, and Nursery SuppliesPesticides Packing SuppliersParts-Motor Vehicles Supplies & Material-Roads & HwyParts-Marine Equipment Parts-Machinery & EquipParts-Lifting Machines Parts-TractorsShop & Industrial Supplies Plants-Local onlyLandscaping Supplies Building Supplies & MaterialsFurnishings & Equipment (non-inv) Fabrics & LinensComputer Parts & Supplies

10  Advertisements for Staff  Computer and Computer related items (see details)  Alcoholic Beverages  Personal Items  Cash Advances  Cash or cash equivalents (gift certificates)  Computers/Laptops (*Controlled Asset) Consulting or professional services, i.e. pest control, cleaning services  **Controlled Assets  Controlled substances or prescription drugs  Dues  Dormitory charges for students  Entertainment

11 IMMEDIATELY report lost or stolen P-Card The university has an agreement with Bank of America (BOA) for Visa card services. To report a lost or stolen card immediately call BOA Customer Service at 1-800-300-3084. Secondly, contact the Procurement Card Coordinator at 910-672-1199 or Purchasing Director at 910-672-1086. Thirdly, notify your department head/approver.

12 Christine Jumalon, Controller Business and Finance Division Barber Building – Office 135 910-672-1163 Ms. Willie McIntyre, Purchasing Director Business and Finance – Purchasing Department Barber Building – Office 139 910-672-1086 Valerie Colorado, Procurement Card Coordinator Business and Finance – Purchasing Department Barber Building – Office 133, Cubical “C” 910-672-1199

13 We encourage you to go online to the Business and Finance Purchasing website to review Purchasing and Procurement Card Policies in detail. Thank you


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