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The Sage Payroll PayCard Cost-effective. Secure. Smart.

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1 The Sage Payroll PayCard Cost-effective. Secure. Smart

2 2 Agenda Positioning –What do we tell your customers What’s in it for you –Benefits –Revenue example What you need to do The process Roadmap Q & A

3 3 What is the Sage Payroll PayCard? Pre-paid debit card

4 4 Main benefits Good for the company –Saving cost –Hassle free –Happy employees – great service Good for the employees –No checks to cash –Direct access to funds –Safe –All the benefits of a Visa debit card, but without a bank account

5 5 Funding Process Direct deposit No impact to current payroll system Employer ACH Network Our Bank Employer Bank

6 6 Typical timeframe 10-14 days Employee Enrollment timeline

7 7 Employer website

8 8 User friendly site Easy enrollment Informational report Enrollment and reporting

9 9 Benefits to Employers Cost reduction Paperless payroll – going “green” No hassle –No lost or stolen checks –Minimizes exposure to check fraud –Eliminates check reconciliation process –Eliminates check distribution costs –Eliminates escheatment liability Works with both Abra Payroll and Compupay Not responsible for cardholder issues No financial liability for cardholder activity

10 10 Costs of Issuing Payroll Checks What is it costing your company? Costs to issue a stop payment and replace a lost check Transportation costs Cost to deliver checks Decreased HR/payroll personnel productivity

11 11 Case Study Business Challenge: 5 job sites Employs 300 workers - 50% receiving paper paychecks Weekly pay period with paychecks being delivered to each job site Supervisors at each site are required to be available to distribute checks over a 3 hour period Frequently company vans are used to transport workers to cash their checks resulting in lost productivity and cost of gas 25 checks were lost or stolen last year

12 12 Weekly Payroll CostsCurrent Weekly Costs100% Direct Deposit 150 payroll checks$.45 per check = $67.50N/A 5 overnight delivery fees5 sites @ $20 - $100N/A Lost EE productivity$15/hr x 150 = $2,250N/A Cost of co vehicles5 vehicles x $5 = $25N/A 1 stop payment$10 per stop = $10N/A 1 check reissue$9 per reissue = $9N/A Payroll admin for check reissues $15/hr x 1 hr = $15N/A Postage to mail check stubsN/A$170.00 Cost of Sage PayCard @ $10/month N/A$2.31 Weekly Cost$2,476.50$172.31 $128,778 savings per year! Case Study

13 13 Employer Calculator We can work with you to calculate the savings for your company.

14 14 Benefits to Employees No check cashing No bank account or credit check required Immediate access on payday Safer than carrying cash Convenient Employee owns the card Allpoint ATM Network – over 37,000 surcharge- free ATM locations worldwide at Up to 3 secondary cards available

15 15

16 16 Free and Unlimited IVR - Covers high-frequency items 24/7 Card activation Balance & transaction history Change PIN Transfer to agent English & Spanish language support Live Agent - Handles more complex issues Lost or stolen card processing Dispute processing English & Spanish language support Web Support – 24/7 Card activation Current balance Transaction history Add secondary card Suspend card Update profile Cardholder Customer Service

17 17 Quick and easy to use web portal Secure login Card number Last 4 digits of SSN Security code Available 24/7 Employee Web portal

18 18 Cardholder Fees One-time enrollment / per employee$2.00 Secondary card enrollment (Spouse, family member, etc.)$5.00 Monthly Maintenance Fee$2.25 One-time Enrollment Fees Monthly Fees Charged directly to the employee. In some cases, the employer will choose to pay these fees, which can be treated as a post-tax contribution.

19 19 OTC cash withdrawal fee (1 FREE every payroll load, otherwise $3.50) FREE 24/7 customer support FREE Payroll load FREE Online bill pay FREE POS transaction for amount of purchase FREE (credit option – signature required) Lost/stolen card replacement FREE (3-5 business day turnaround) Account overdraft NO CHARGE Cash back with purchase $.50 (debit option – PIN-based) ATM withdrawal fee (AllPoint Network) $2.00 – domestic / $3.50 – international ATM balance inquiry fee $.50 ATM decline $.50 Express delivery of card $25 (card replacements) Optional paper statement $2 per statement mailed Foreign exchange processing 2% of transaction amount – outside US Transaction Fees Other Fees Cardholder Fees

20 20 Check Cashing/Spending Comparison (4 Paychecks/Month) Payroll FeesMajor Retailer Check Cashing National Check Cashing Store Sage Payroll PayCard Cash one paycheck @$350 per week – x4 $12.00$36.40One FREE per payroll load Money orders/bill pay$2.30FreeFree online bill pay Postage to mail bills$2.10 $0.00 Monthly service chargeN/A $2.25 Signature purchasesN/A Free - unlimited 3 purchases w/cash back N/A $1.50 ATM withdrawal (Allpoint Network) N/A $2.00 Visa Zero Liability Protection N/A Yes Total$16.40$38.50$5.75

21 21 Cardholder Average Monthly Savings Many employees can save as much as $500 annually in check cashing fees.

22 22 Positioning the Payroll Card Program –Make It Mandatory Direct deposit is a condition of employment Offer employees choice of direct deposit or payroll debit card –Voluntary - Direct Deposit is “Preferred by the Company” Offer the Sage Payroll PayCard as “a new and better way to get your pay” Include paper paychecks as a discouraged option

23 23 Employer Support Dedicated Account Manager Communication materials for employees –Promotional introductory letters –Setup forms –Posters –Email content –Paycheck stuffers –FAQs Employer Materials –Online training –Website guide –Quick reference guides –Implementation guide –Easy-to-use website portal

24 24 Marketing materials

25 25 Sage Payroll Paycard fees Employer Fees –One Time Set Up Fee $50.00 – –Monthly Employer Maintenance Fee $10.00 –One-time employee card enrollment $2.00 Fall 2010 PROMOTION: Fees above are WAIVED IF ENROLLED BY ….

26 26 What’s in it for you Recurring revenue $1.00/card/month Happy customers Increased ‘stickiness’

27 27 What you need to do Almost nothing Inform your customer Answer some questions Start collecting money

28 28 The Process Leads –New & Existing Clients –Webcasts Opportunity Management –Resources Sage & Motivano Placing Orders –Order Form –Underwriting Guidelines

29 29 Roadmap: more good stuff to come “Instacards”: one time instant usage In-product connected service –Batch processing –ROI calculator

30 30 Questions?

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