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2 Important Contact Information §Sean Sadler 284-9418 TO REPORT A LOST OR STOLEN CARD 1-800-464-3603 Option 1 Email: Visit our web site at

3 The Purchasing Card (PCard) is a corporate American Express Card. It provides an extremely efficient and effective method for procuring small dollar commodities. The PCard is designed for purchases related to University business only. It is tied to an account number designated by the PI/Department Head. Accounts Payable pays one central bill each month for all PCard transactions. Transactions are electronically downloaded to FRS at the end of each month. Introduction

4 PCard Overview §Efficient and effective method of procuring goods with a value of $2,000 or less §Enables Purchasing and Accounts Payable to focus on higher yield value added activities §Eliminates data entry function by transferring transaction data electronically to FRS - Mapping §Reduction in paperwork §Used for purchases related to University business only (no exceptions)

5 How the Individual PCard Works §Small dollar items - single purchase limit up to $2,000 (no pyramiding) §$10,000 spending limit per month §Obtain prior approval for exceptions §Transactions are downloaded electronically to FRS/DMAS (see mapping schedule)

6 Unauthorized Purchases §T & E Expenses §Gifts/Gift Certificates §Personal Items §Alcohol Beverages §Animals §Maintenance Contracts §Radioactive/Hazardous Materials §Biological and Medical Products/Supplies §Capital Equipment §Consulting Services §Parking Fees §Catering Services §Furniture §Payments to individuals, Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships §Meeting Amenities (i.e. food and beverages for meetings)

7 Office SuppliesBooks Membership DuesPostage AdvertisementFlowers SubscriptionsComputer Software Seminar/Conference RegistrationsCopying/Duplicating Office Equipment (non-capital) This list, by no means, is comprehensive of the items that the PCard can be used to purchase. It is a good guide to the types of transactions that could be placed on the PCard. Typical PCard Purchases

8 How to Make a Purchase §Identify yourself §Accept American Express? §Sales tax exempt §Specify billing and shipping address §Confirm the price §Give the vendor: l Purchasing card # l Expiration date l Correct address §Always obtain original receipts

9 Documentation §Monthly statement (sent via mail) or obtain from l Reconcile statement with receipts l Attach original receipts w/ business purpose or explanation for transaction l Obtain supervisor’s signature l Forward to PCard Program Manager (1235 Gables One Tower, Locator: 2956) within 15 business days of statement date or cycle end date

10 Net Service – Online Statement §View transactions as soon as they post to your card §View/print information for up to 12 billing cycles §Have access to your statement via internet even away from the office (No Excuse) §Logon to §Call 1-800-373-0630 for assistance in signing on

11 Disputing Transaction §Reasons for disputing charges are: goods not received, fraud, misuse, altered charges, defective merchandise, duplicate charge, or credits not processed. §Contact vendor to resolve issue, if not resolved, complete the Dispute Transaction form located in CAR.

12 Cardholder Responsibilities §Adherence to PCard policies and procedures §Card not transferable to others §No splitting of transactions over $2,000 (obtain prior approval) §No cash refunds - obtain credit receipt

13 Cardholder Responsibilities (Continued) §Original documentation (receipts) required §Explanation of business purpose for transaction required §Reconcile statements in a timely manner §Notify American Express of lost/stolen card

14 Cardholder Responsibilities (Continued) §No personal use allowed §Obtain UM sales tax exemption §Obtain supervisor’s signature on statement §Cancel PCard if leaving the University and inform us if transferring to another department

15 PCard Audit §To ensure the continued success of the University PCard Program, monthly audits are conducted. This is to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed and to adhere to IRS regulations. §Please read the PCard User’s Guide (page 15) Misuse of the PCard.

16 From CAR to FRS §The CAR user or Cardholder Administrator (CA) has access to view and/or edit PCard transactions in CAR §Modifications can be done throughout the cycle (see mapping schedule) §No further edits will be allowed to the data after the cut off time. §All PCard transactions for the cycle will be mapped to FRS and transactions appear in FRS/DMAS. §If changes were not made in CAR, they can still be made through manual journal entries

17 PCard Categories §Individual PCard l Issued in the name of individual for small commodities §Departmental Special Purpose Account l Account number issued in the name of the department to cover recurring cell phone and internet charges

18 Special Purpose Account (SPA) §Departmental PCard – in the name of the department §Contact person – responsibilities same as individual cardholder §Use for departmental internet access, cell phones equipment and recurring monthly payment

19 §Standard Industry Code (SIC) l Identifies vendors based on the type of goods/services they provide §Cycle End Date l PCard cycle ends on the 4th of the month except weekends and holidays §TEN l Tax Exempt Number - UM is exempt from paying Florida sales tax §Mapping l PCard transactions are electronically downloaded to FRS via CAR. §CAR l Corporate Account Reconciliatio- CAR users are able to view and edit PCard transactions prior to FRS mapping Purchasing Card Vocabulary

20 Forms §CAR Access Form §Tax Exempt Card Application §Acknowledgement Form §Transaction Log §Missing Receipt Affidavit

21 Now You Can Take Charge of Your Purchases!


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