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ORIENTATION AND TRAINING FOR A SAFER TOMORROW. ROLE OF THE SAFETY DEPARTMENT Contractor Sign-On/Qualification Tractor Sign-On Compliance Permits Licensing.

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2 ROLE OF THE SAFETY DEPARTMENT Contractor Sign-On/Qualification Tractor Sign-On Compliance Permits Licensing Insurance CSA Training Citations Roadsides Inspections Accidents

3 DRIVER QUALIFICATION  The Safety system was developed to give visibility to all agents and their employees at our service centers.  The system uses green, yellow and red colors to symbolize steps in the sign on process.  The system will allow users both in the field and in the safety department to see where the process is at all times.

4 You can access the system at:

5 Once information is entered you will see the main menu: The first tab is where agents/agent employees start the application process. You can also access this menu from the drop down box in the upper right hand corner of any page.

6 The applicant’s social security number must be entered on this screen:

7 The next screen is where the applicant’s data is entered:

8 The following information is required: Basic Information:  Last name  First name  Middle initial  Suffix  Phone  Alternate Phone  Email  Medical Expiration  Gender  Date of birth  CDL Number  Citizen  Marital Status  Shirt Size  It is encouraged to click on “save for later” to keep the data in case of a time out. If you do this you will need to get to the “sign on status” screen to get back into the applicant’s profile.  As you enter the data if an error occurs a message in Red will appear.  Previous addresses (past 3 years)– click “add address” button to add addresses

9  Previous employers - click “add employer” button you may look up previous employers or add them with create new.  All gaps need to be filled in or you will receive an error message.

10  Once the initial information is entered the following screen will appear; this is where you scan in all required documents:

11  Below is the screen that appears for you to scan in a document.  Required Docs:  MVR, Reference check, I9, CDL, Occ Acc, SS, Medical, Last 7, no stop, passenger policy, HOS, CPR, unsafe, Disclosure, orientation.  To scan a document you must click on the red bar with the title of the document.  For initial approval the required documents must be scanned for each applicant  Application pages 1-4, PSP consent form, and reference check page (page 5).  When you initially use this screen you may need to pick a scanner, this is the system checking for scanner compatibility. If you have a problem at this point please contact IT at 570-385-9048 Option 4.

12 Sign-On status screen :  The first 3 blocks (App, MVR and REF) must be green in order for the application to move forward and be reviewed by safety. This screen will let you know where you are in the process of signing on a driver.  After driver is signed on they will receive welcome and informational packages.

13 To add a tractor: Go to sign on status page and choose the driver. Click on tab that states “add tractor.”

14 Please enter:  VIN  Owner name  Fed ID or SSN  Address, City, State, Zip,  License of Owner  Date of Birth  Phone  License State  Make, Year and Color of Vehicle Then click submit.

15 Document scanning for tractor: Scanning works the same with tractor as it does for driver information.

16 Driver Search: You can search drivers in any of the named fields.

17 Once you select a driver basic driver information will appear:

18 Tractor Search:

19 COMPLIANCE, SAFETY, ACCOUNTABILITY 19  CSA groups all violations into one of seven categories and determines that violations likelihood of causing  Each Carrier and Driver are tracked and compared to their peers  A violation will remain on a drivers CSA Score for three years while a carrier’s violation will remain for two years.  Clean roadside inspections and time are the only ways to reduce a driver’s and or carrier’s CSA Score.

20 20 I NTERNATIONAL F UEL T AX A GREEMENT  An agreement where states reconcile fuel taxes collected versus fuel taxes owed.  Recurring charge of $5/weekly to be provided with our IFTA.  We record, report, and pay all taxes for each tractor enrolled with us.

21 Agent Responsibility in Compliance:  Log completion and submission  CDL  Physical  Random Drug Testing  Inspection  Overseeing Tractor Maintenance

22 Insurance Provided by Evans Network Auto Liability Insurance  Covers leased units while under dispatch Cargo Insurance  $300,000 in coverage per load. Higher amounts can be approved. Required Insurance for Contractors  Occupational / Accident Insurance  $35 a week  Non-Trucking Liability Insurance (Bobtail)  $8 a week Optional Insurance for Contractors  Physical Damage Insurance  Based off of the value of the tractor  Health Insurance  UTBA Contact – Luis Caldero (856)381-7805  Health Care Reform Act –

23 Incentives for Independent Contractors  Gift Cards for 0 violation roadside inspections  Value depends on level of clean roadside  Safe Driving Awards and Gifts  Based off of years of safe driving with Evans Delivery  Monthly drawing  Yearly Harley Drawing

24 Safety Department Policies  Hours of Service Policy  Includes the 11 HR, 14 HR, 60/70 HR, 30 Minute Break regulations as well as the Record of Duty Status not current violation.  Distracted Driving Policy  Prohibits the use of all handheld electronic devices while operating a CMV.  Unsafe Driving Policy  Includes moving violations such as speeding, following too close, and improper lane change.  Seatbelt Policy  Passenger/No Pets Policy  No Stop Policy  Injury Reporting and Return to Work Policy

25 Accident Reporting Any accident and/or property damage must be reported to our Loss Control Department immediately. Contact Information: Kathy Furman ph. (800)456-7885 x 3243 Andrea Aston ph. (800)456-7885 x 3285 Email – After hours Contact Information: Kathy Furman ph. (484)256-9624 Debbie Raymond ph. (610)310-1934 All contractors must always have an Accident Kit in the cab of their truck at all times.

26 Logs  Every contractor is required to have a log completed and turned in for each day leased to Evans Delivery Company.  Graph(OTR) style and Local(exempt) style logs are provided.  Logs need to be mailed in weekly to the safety department using provided pre- paid envelopes.  Log and HOS training available at 3 PM EST Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Call into 559-546-1200  Meeting ID – 379-969-362

27 Roadside Inspections  All roadside inspections must be sent to the Safety Department within 24 hours of the inspection.  Please scan and email inspection reports to  An inspection repair form must be completed in full and sent to the Safety Department within 7 days of the inspection if vehicle maintenance violations are listed on the inspection report.  For any questions regarding roadside inspections, please call Molly Trumbo at (570)218-3314.

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