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Industrialization Mr. Griffin. The Industrial Revolution began in ____________.

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1 Industrialization Mr. Griffin

2 The Industrial Revolution began in ____________.

3 England

4 Before 1820, most factories and mills in the United States were powered by ________

5 Water

6 Eli Whitney developed _____

7 The Cotton Gin

8 The Erie Canal opened trade between _____________

9 The Great Lakes and New York City

10 Before a Nation can industrialize, the nation must first develop

11 An adequate food supply

12 The movement of people from farms to cities is called ________

13 Urbanization

14 An artificial waterway that allows travel between two sections of land is called a __________

15 Canal

16 The Lowell system of recruiting labor was to -

17 Recruit young women from farm families

18 True/False People did not travel much prior to the Industrial Revolution

19 True Transportation systems Often people never traveled more than a few miles from their homes

20 True/False Pollution was not a problem after the start of the Industrial Revolution

21 False Factories had little or no regulations on pollution Pollution became a large problem

22 True/False Samuel Slater developed standardized parts

23 False Slater brought factory plans from England to the US

24 True/False The need for clocks decreased after industrialization

25 False Life became very centered around time.

26 True/False Industrialization brought about a decrease in the number of farmers.

27 True

28 True/False People had a shorter life span after the Industrial Revolution

29 False Accidents in factories were common, however, people actually had a longer life expectancy after the Industrial Revolution

30 True/False The Erie Canal opened in 1825

31 True Construction began in 1817 and the Canal opened in 1825

32 True/False Luddites were people who supported the Industrial Revolution.

33 False Luddites opposed Industrialization. Luddites were unemployed cottage textile workers that rioted against new textile machines in the early part of the 19th century.

34 What type of animal was often used to pull boats along the Erie Canal?

35 Mules

36 List 3 major cities located on the Erie Canal trading route.

37 Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany

38 Why did many factories employ immigrants, women, and children?

39 They would work for less money.

40 Who was the governor of NY that supported the construction of the Erie Canal?

41 DeWitt Clinton

42 What waterway connects New York City with the Erie Canal?

43 The Hudson River

44 Which came first, steam power or water power?

45 Water Power

46 Water is the source of energy for water power. What was often the source for energy in steam power?

47 Coal

48 The need for coal led to the development of this industry?

49 Mining

50 What were the conditions like for mining workers?

51 Dangerous. They faced many dangers working in the mines.

52 What is capital?

53 Money or wealth used in trade, in manufacturing, or in any business.

54 What is the Spinning Jenny?

55 The first machine to replace the spinning wheel

56 What is a Spinning Mule?

57 A type of spinning machine that was capable of performing the work of 3000 hand spinners

58 What is a Spinning Jenny?

59 The first machine to replace the spinning wheel

60 What were Cottage Industries?

61 The system of home-centered hand manufacturing that preceeded the Industrial Revolution.

62 What is an assembly line?

63 A manufacturing system in which a product is completed step-by-step by different workers.

64 What is a cotton gin?

65 A machine that removes seeds from cotton.

66 What is a factory?

67 A place where workers use machines to make products.

68 What is weaving?

69 The process of turning thread or yarn into cloth that is done on a loom.

70 What is a steam engine?

71 An external combustion engine in which fuel is burned to heat water and convert it into steam. The steam is used to push a piston.

72 What is mass production?

73 Making products on a large scale usually by machine.

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