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Wendi Mailliard Holy Family University July 26, 2006 Professor David Slowik Summer 2 Visit my website for more information!

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2 Wendi Mailliard Holy Family University July 26, 2006 Professor David Slowik Summer 2 Visit my website for more information! Click on the photo for a video introduction

3 Introduction Technology has become an important aspect in our daily lives. It is important for educators to integrate technology as much as they can to help enhance their curriculum. This interactive slideshow will address how to incorporate technology into a reading/ language arts classroom. Click here to visit this website!

4 Table of Contents Author Websites –Robert MunschRobert Munsch –Eric CarleEric Carle Student Learning Sites –StarfallStarfall Teacher Websites –International Reading AssociationInternational Reading Association Scanning Final Thoughts Recommended Follow-up

5 Author Websites The following two authors are well loved by children and are the authors my class studies each year. In this section, I will show you how you can use the author’s website to integrate technology into your classroom and improve your author study curriculum. Robert MunschEric Carle

6 Robert Munsch Children love to learn about this author’s personal life. On Robert Munsch’s website, there is a link to his biography. There you can find out all about Robert Munsch and why he chose to become an author.

7 Eric Carle Eric Carle is best known for his story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He has written several other books that teachers use in their classroom to teach both reading and science concepts. This website provides a bulletin board where teachers and parents using Eric Carle books in a creative way can submit their ideas for others to view.

8 Student Learning Sites As an educator, you are always looking to find ways to help your students independently practice their reading skills in the classroom or at home. The following sites are excellent resources for students to use to continue using and improving their reading abilities. Click on an icon to visit one of these sites!

9 Star Fall This website is a great online game resource for students at any reading level. There are four links at this website. The first link is for students who are just learning letters and letter sounds. The second link is for beginning readers. The third link is for students who have basic reading skills and the fourth is for students who can read and want to maintain their skills.

10 Star Fall Links Link to letter site Basic Readers Beginning Readers I’m a Reader!

11 Teacher Web Sites Teachers and educators are always researching lesson plans and ideas online to use in their classroom. Teachers and educators should also keep current on publications and reading trends. The following websites are very helpful to educators who teach reading. Click here to visit this website!

12 International Reading Association The International Reading Association is a membership organization of literacy professionals. Educators can find links to publications, web resources, and a marketplace for teachers to purchase reading publications. There is also a “quick links” section which provides information about beginning readers, adolescent readers, comprehension, struggling readers, and teacher education. The website also gives information to teachers about staff developmental opportunities in your area. Click here to visit this website!

13 Scanning Teachers can also scan images of student’s drawings or typed stories for use in the classroom. Scanned image

14 Final Thoughts The websites provided in this presentation are just a few of the many sites teachers, parents and students can use to incorporate technology into their reading lives. The internet provides many search databases that can help teachers, parents, and students find more resources than the ones provided here. Two search databases are for adults and for kids. Click on the fireflies to view my research paper

15 Recommended Follow-Up Teacher websites are wonderful resources that all teachers should be aware of. In-service workshops could afford staff time to search on their own for other reading resource sites and to share their findings with one another. Click on the ladybug to access my internet address book.

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