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Learning Teaching Enhancing Supporting Sharing ISLN March, 2015.

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1 Learning Teaching Enhancing Supporting Sharing ISLN March, 2015

2 Don’t forget to give us feedback. Please complete the evaluation

3 Social Studies Teacher Leadership Network Update

4 Social Studies I can explain how the Considerations for Curriculum Development (CCD) demonstrates the intent of a standard and guides thinking about the curriculum.

5 “The standards are coming! The standards are coming!”

6 Thinking Ahead – Understanding Clear Academic Achievement Standards





11 Summer 2015

12 Highly Effective Teaching & Learning I can strengthen the structures of professional learning in my district.

13 Last time

14 Top Ten Good Ways to Ensure BAD Professional Learning

15 Professional Learning

16 Professional Learning Guidance document

17 With your Group... Read your assigned PL standard. Discuss: What does this PL standard means to you? Why is it important? Create a visual representation of your discussion. Choose someone to share with the whole group.

18 District Spotlight Professional Learning to Support Innovative Practice

19 Science Teacher Leadership Network Update

20 Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. Albert Einstein

21 Develop understanding for the purposes, users and uses of a balanced assessment system. Science

22 Shifts in Assessment Practices FROM: Separating successful from unsuccessful learners Primarily summative Focus on large-scale assessments Teacher directed TO: Ensuring universal competence/success Balance of formative and summative Balance large-scale w/ classroom assessment Teacher and student focused

23 Standards are the Foundation for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Identify important learning Manageable in number Clearly articulated Developmentally reachable by students Organized in learning progression Mastered by the teachers

24 Balanced Assessment System “To maximize student success, assessment must be seen as an instructional tool for use while learning is occurring, and as an accountability tool to determine if learning has occurred. Because both purposes are important, they must be in balance.” From Balanced Assessment: The Key to Accountability and Improved Student Learning, NEA (2003)

25 Essential Classroom Assessment Teachers are assessment literate. Classrooms reflect a balanced assessment system. Teachers are skilled users of both formative and summative assessment.

26 Formative Assessment CCSSO FAST SCASS Formative assessment is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students’ achievement of intended outcomes.

27 Assessment in Support of Learning Assessment quality must address the impact of the results on the learner and the learning. Assessments must: go beyond merely providing judgments about student performance to providing rich descriptions of student performance. evolve from being isolated events to becoming events that happen in ongoing series to reveal patterns. go beyond merely informing instructional decisions of teachers to informing decisions also made by students. Rick Stiggins, 2006

28 Balance Both Sides of Assessment Summative Formative Large-scale Classroom

29 Assessment: Knowledge of Students In-depth knowledge of specific students National State District Classroom Assessments Assessments Assessments Assessments Marzano, 1996

30 Science Teacher Leaders Network Develop understanding for the purposes, users and uses of a balanced assessment system. Why is a BAS essential? To understand current status of assessment development in KY.

31 Summer Professional Learning June 29-30 Elementary-Integrated learning experiences with science as the central context. July7-8 High School-Focus on intentional embedding of crosscutting concepts and practices into current units. Teachers will bring the units they are interested in revising. July 21-22 Middle School-Progression and coherence of practices and cross-cutting concepts (based on phenomena) This will be tied to student growth goals. Also instructional and assessment ideas for 3D learning. We will also offer 2 days to K-8 based on content needs after a survey is taken at the March meeting.

32 ISLN Review and List of “To Do” TopicSuggested Follow Up In District Professional Learning (PL) If you didn’t already, think about how to engage teams in the activities around professional learning. Science Consider summer PL options for your science teachers Social Studies Don’t forget Summer Writing Days July 6 th and 7 th ! Be thinking about ways to support Social Studies Teachers

33 Don’t forget to give us feedback. Please complete the evaluation

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