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Enumeration of W.B.Cs lab 4

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1 Enumeration of W.B.Cs lab 4
By: Abeer alhabash

2 The objective of the experiment:
Set the number of white blood cells in a sample of blood taken from human use Hemocytometer.

3 Tools used in the experiment
1 - Hemocytometer 2 - solution relieve the white blood cells and consists of: A - 3 ml acetic acid snowy (to break down red blood cells) B - 1 ml methyl violet Methyl violet (dye to white cells). C - 96 ml of distilled water 3 - covers slides 4 - Microscope

4 1- Swab the hemocytometer and cover slipe with 70% EtOH and add cover on sild.
Abeer alhabash

5 and draw blood up to the 0.5 mark.
2- Swab towards the side of the tip of a little-used finger with 70% EtOH. and draw blood up to the 0.5 mark. Abeer alhabash

6 3-Then completed a mitigation solution until the mark 11 and Mix a solution of blood dilution
Abeer alhabash

7 4-Seal the tip with your finger and shake well to mix
Abeer alhabash

8 5-get rid of a few drops of diluted blood through the bottom hole of the pipette then put a drop of blood diluted at the edge of the glass cover subject on the slide. Abeer alhabash

9 6- make small screening force to determine the distribution of white blood cells as it should be a homogeneous distribution and no pool, which was found it means that blood is not withdrawn in the right way did not ease as it should. Abeer alhabash


11 7-count the white blood cells use a Microscope (Focus with x10 objective lens). The count is in four large boxes located in the corners of the large box. Note that all the big box contains 16 small square, which is the count in 64 small square Abeer alhabash


13 8- Also, The count of red blood cells use a big lens (X40).

14 Abeer alhabash

15 Abeer alhabash

16 Abeer alhabash

17 Abeer alhabash

18 Types of white blood cells
Abeer alhabash

19 Method of calculation:
Abeer alhabash

20 Example White Blood Cell (WBC) Count Reference Ranges
4,500-10,000 white blood cells per mm3 Approximate Normal Range  More than 11,000 white blood cells per mm3 Approximate High Range  Less than 4,000 white blood cells per mm3 Approximate Low Range Abeer alhabash

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