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Welcome to Algebra 2! Find the 3 keys to success and write them down for our welcome call.

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1 Welcome to Algebra 2! Find the 3 keys to success and write them down for our welcome call.

2 This is what you see when you first enter the class The announcement page varies weekly – but you will always find important information about the week here.

3 Here are some of the important sections you will use Lessons: This is where you will go to view the lessons, practice problems, and what the assignment is. Assessments: You will go here to submit an assignment, quiz, or exam.

4 Here are some of the important sections you will use Course Information: Go here for lots of great info! Learn how to submit an assignment, attach a file, participate in a discussion, and lots, lots more Gradebook: This will be your favorite button! This is where you go to check out individual assignment grades, my feedback after grading, as well as your final grade in the class. Also, go here to make your second submissions on assignments.

5 This is the section for Lessons “Module” is just a fancy word for “chapter”

6 Practice Problems Most lessons provide practice problems. You should do these before submitting the assignment for a grade. That way you can seek help if necessary. Key to Success: Practice Makes Perfect! Especially in Algebra 2, the more you practice the more confident you will be when doing the assignments, quizzes, and tests.

7 Pace Chart This can be found under the Course Information Button. Fill in your specific dates here. That way you always know what week you’re on and which assignments you should be submitting. Key to Success: Staying “on pace” is probably the most important part of being successful online. It’s very easy to fall behind pace and much harder to get back on pace! You have to work double time to get caught up.

8 Assignments Notice: “Assignments” and “Worksheets” have two submissions (two chances to get a perfect score!) but Exams have only one submission.

9 3. Type the date of your submission and any comments here This is how you will submit assignments Step 1: Click on the Assesments Button (if first submission) or the Gradebook Button (if second submission) Step 2: Click on the assessment title/name Step 3: Choose any file that needs to be uploaded Step 4: Click the “Submit for Grading” box Step 5: Click “Submit” Type the assignment data or any comments in this box.

10 Communication Key to Success: It’s vital to have consistent communication with your instructor while taking an online course. The following are ways we communicate: Monthly Calls – I must talk to you and a parent/guardian at least once a month to discuss your progress and pace in the course. It is your responsibility to make this call when due. Oral Components – These appear in your assessments list every other module. It’s a quiz (just a few questions) that you complete with me over the phone. It is your responsibility to call me for the oral components. Email – I send out weekly emails. Email and phone are our two main sources of communication! Please read ALL emails and respond when necessary.

11 Communication – Part 2 Ask for Help! Algebra 2 is a challenging, high level math. By taking the proper steps (studying, practice problems, asking for help) you will do fine. Please don’t hesitate to email or call for help when needed. We also have wonderful math tutors who love to help students with challenging topics. We are all here to help you SUCCEED!

12 Grace Period Very Important! Florida Virtual School Policies 1.The first 28 days that you are in a FLVS course is the “grace period”. You may contact your instructor to drop the course with “no grade” during that period. 2. Consistent communication and work habits are expected. It is FLVS policy to drop any student who does not stay appropriately on pace or respond to teacher communications within 7 days. You will be warned during the grace period if you are not on pace so that you can be withdrawn with no penalty. 3. Withdrawing after the 28-day grace period will result in a failing grade on your transcript.

13 Thank you for taking your time to view this. Please save this presentation to your computer and use it as a reference guide as you make your way through the course. I am very excited to meet you and travel along this Algebra 2 journey with you!

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