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What are your publication options? Laura Happe & Meg Franklin.

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1 What are your publication options? Laura Happe & Meg Franklin


3 What’s ‘the end’ for this pub?

4 Posters Podiums Manuscripts Level of Prestige Formats

5 ProsCons Poster/Podium Manuscript

6 Selecting the Right Conference Outcomes Research Conferences (some examples) – International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research – Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy – Society of Medical Decision Making – American Public Health Association – AcademyHealth Disease-specific conferences Pharmacy conferences

7 Selecting the Right Journal Scope Impact factor Indexing Open access Epub ahead of print Supplements

8 Journal: Scope Aims of the journal Readership Article types Pull example articles

9 Journals: Impact Factor Measure of the number of citations for a journal; used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within it’s field – reports/ reports/ – –

10 Journal: Indexing A proxy for a given journal’s quality PubMed searches: 1.MEDLINE indexed journals National Library of Medicine ® (NLM ® ) journal citation database including over 5,600 journals 2.PubMed Central A free archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the NLM 3.NCBI Bookshelf NLM books

11 Journal: Indexing Google Scholar If you're an individual author, it works best to simply upload your paper to your website, e.g.,; and add a link to it on your publications page, such as Make sure that: – the full text of your paper is in a PDF file that ends with ".pdf", – the title of the paper appears in a large font on top of the first page, – the authors of the paper are listed right below the title on a separate line, and – there's a bibliography section titled, e.g., "References" or "Bibliography" at the end. That's it! Our search robots should normally find your paper and include it in Google Scholar within several weeks. If it doesn't work, you could either (1) read more detailed technical guidelines in this documentation or (2) check if your local institutional repository is already configured for indexing in Google Scholar, and upload your papers there.

12 Journals: Open Access Free access to articles over the internet Financed by third parties or by author fees Many journals have a mixed model of open access List of potentially predatory open access journals: – – Compiled by Jeffrey Beall, Associate Professor, Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver

13 Journals: Epub Shift from paper to electronic publishing Web only vs. electronic Epub ahead of print allows earlier access to articles

14 Journals: Supplements Collections of papers that deal with related issues or topics Published as a separate issue of the journal or as part of a regular issue Often funded by sources other than the journal’s publisher issues/supplements-theme-issues-and-special-series.html

15 Examples Things gone wrong Things gone right

16 Summary 1.Identify ‘the end’ for each paper 2.Select format 3.Select target meeting or journal


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