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IN THE NAME OF GOD. Searching PubMed PubMed Home Page.

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3 Searching PubMed

4 PubMed Home Page

5 Why should you use PubMed? It is the best medical database of its kind in the world It is free Your patients use it Your lawyers, drug reps, accountants and nursing staff use it.

6 Linking to Full-Text Articles in Electronic Journals

7 How to find free full text articles Free Full Text

8 8 Full-text Icons Orange / green banner - electronic full text available from PubMed Central Green banner – electronic full text from others

9 9 Drag down to read full-text or click “Full Text (PDF)”

10 10 Here’s the PDF version

11 Click PDF

12 Full Text Article Close Article

13 when you looking for a specific author

14 Use Single Citation Matcher

15 limit your searches? How to limit your searches?

16 Results – Rheumatoid Arthritis/ drug therapy – 15,359 articles!!

17 Set your limits

18 To what degree can you limit your searches? Just to Medline, or to Cancer or Dental or Nursing, etc Age Date of publication Sex Gender Human or animal or both Only materials with abstracts Type of publication Review article Clinical practice guidelines Randomized controlled trials Letter Editorial

19 Final Search Results 206!!

20 Advanced Searching a a 1)MeSH, phrase, & title word searching 2)Truncation

21 PSmithLibrary Click MeSH Database

22 A Enter and click a a human genome Search

23 A 1) Check the box next to the MeSH heading a ✔ 3) Then click Add to search builder 2) Select AND

24 A Search Results

25 A Enter and click “dark matter” Search

26 A PubMed identifies 6 articles

27 27 Type your search term in the “for” box, and click GO

28 28 Click “Radiologic technology”

29 29 Checkmark the definition, and then, click the “Send to” button

30 30 Notice our MeSH term in the “Search PubMed” box and the definition. Then click “Search PubMed.”

31 31 Click “Go” and we retrieve 12164 PubMed hits.

32 32 Click “History”

33 33 Use Search #’s to Combine Searches and Set Limits

34 Truncation

35 Enter gene* to truncate.



38 The End

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