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Searching Pubmed Database استخدام قاعدة المعلومات Pubmed د. سيناء عبد المحسن العقيل قسم الصيدلة الإكلينيكية برنامج مهارات البحث العلمي.

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Presentation on theme: "Searching Pubmed Database استخدام قاعدة المعلومات Pubmed د. سيناء عبد المحسن العقيل قسم الصيدلة الإكلينيكية برنامج مهارات البحث العلمي."— Presentation transcript:

1 Searching Pubmed Database استخدام قاعدة المعلومات Pubmed د. سيناء عبد المحسن العقيل قسم الصيدلة الإكلينيكية برنامج مهارات البحث العلمي مركز البحوث بأقسام العلوم والدراسات الطبية للطالبات الأحد 1433/11/14 هـ الموافق 30 /9/ 2012 م

2 Alaqeel, Sinaa 20122

3 The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) established on November 4, 1988, as a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), US. 3Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

4 Other NCBI databases 4Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

5 PubMed Overview NLM has been indexing the biomedical literature since 1879, to help provide health professionals access to information necessary for research, health care, and education. What was once a printed index to articles, the Index Medicus, became a database now known as MEDLINE. MEDLINE contains journal citations and abstracts for biomedical literature from around the world. Since 1996, free access to MEDLINE has been available to the public online via PubMed. 5Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

6 PubMed Overview (cont.) PubMed is a database of bibliographic information drawn primarily from the life sciences literature. PubMed contains links to full-text articles at participating publishers' Web sites as well as links to other third party sites such as libraries and sequencing centers. PubMed provides access and links to the integrated molecular biology and chemistry databases maintained by NCBI. 6Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

7 What's in PubMed? Over 22 million records representing articles in the biomedical literature and a small selection of items from the NCBI Books database. Most PubMed records are MEDLINE citations. Other records include those in different stages of processing (including records provided directly from the journal publisher) but destined to be MEDLINE citations. A relatively small number of records that are included in PubMed but not selected for MEDLINE. 7Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

8 Navigating PubMed 8Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

9 Understanding the Vocabulary MEDLINE uses a controlled vocabulary, meaning that there is a specific set of terms used to describe each article. Familiarity with this vocabulary will make you a better PubMed searcher. The Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) MeSH is the authority list of the vocabulary terms used for subject analysis of biomedical literature at NLM. MeSH vocabulary is used for indexing journal articles for MEDLINE and is also used for cataloging books and audiovisuals.MEDLINE The MeSH controlled vocabulary is a distinctive feature of MEDLINE. It imposes uniformity and consistency to the indexing of biomedical literature. MeSH terms are arranged in a hierarchical categorized manner called MeSH Tree Structures and are updated annually. 9Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

10 MeSH vocabulary is organized by 16 main branches: 1.Anatomy 2.Organisms 3.Diseases 4.Chemical and Drugs 5.Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment 6.Psychiatry and Psychology 7.Biological Sciences 8.Natural Sciences 9.Anthropology, Education, Sociology and Social Phenomena 10.Technology, Industry, Agriculture 11.Humanities 12.Information Science 13.Named Groups 14.Health Care 15.Publication Characteristics 16.Geographic Locations 10Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

11 11Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

12 12Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

13 13Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

14 14Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

15 15Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

16 NLM indexers examine articles and assign the most specific MeSH heading(s) that appropriately describes the concept(s) discussed. The indexer will assign as many MeSH headings as appropriate to cover the topics of the article (generally 5 to 15). Indexers can also assign Subheadings to further describe a particular aspect of a MeSH concept. In addition to assigning MeSH terms that describe the topic of the article, the indexer provides terms that reflect: characteristics of the group being studied (e.g., the age group, human or other animal, male or female) the material represented (Publication Types) e.g., Clinical Trials, Editorial, Review 16Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

17 Activity -1- (5 minutes) Audience suggest two terms and the relevant MeSH are identified. 17Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

18 Automatic Term Mapping 18Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

19 Automatic Term Mapping 19Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

20 Use filters to narrow your search results. 20Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

21 Building Blocks 21Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

22 Autism And Saudi Saudi Autism 23196 20850 37 22Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

23 Autism Not Saudi Saudi Autism 23196 20850 37 23Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

24 Autism and (Saudi or Arabs) Saudi Autism 23196 20850 37 Arabs 3 3317 24Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

25 25Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

26 26

27 Alaqeel, Sinaa 201227

28 Alaqeel, Sinaa 201228

29 Building the Search Before you can search for any information, you should first develop a search strategy. What is a Search Strategy? A search strategy is a plan that helps you look for the information you need. 29Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

30 Search Strategy Tips Identify the key concepts. Determine alternative terms for these concepts, if needed. Refine your search to dates, study groups, etc., as appropriate. Practice helps. Strategies and styles will differ according to personal choice and professional discipline. 30Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

31 Activity-2- (15 minutes) Building a Search Strategy Exercise 31Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

32 Managing the Results Understand the layout of the search results screen. Move between pages of results. Change the display of the retrieved citations. Adjust the number of citations displayed on a page. Sort your results. E-mail, download and print selected citations. Save selected citations to the Clipboard and Collections. Create your Bibliography. Set up filters for your results. 32Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

33 Understand the layout of the search results screen. 33Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

34 Change the display of the retrieved citations. 34Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

35 E-mail, download and print selected citations. 35Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

36 36Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

37 My NCBI 37Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

38 My NCBI 38Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012

39 39Alaqeel, Sinaa 2012 (15 minutes)

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