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Beyond PubMed: exploring other biomedical databases Linda Atkinson & Juliet Ralph

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1 Beyond PubMed: exploring other biomedical databases Linda Atkinson & Juliet Ralph

2 In this session What is PubMed? Database overlap and coverage Embase, the “European Medline” BIOSIS: biology, life sciences Other biomedical databases

3 What is PubMed? A way of searching MEDLINE: U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) bibliographic database biomedicine and life sciences, bioengineering, public health, clinical care, and plant and animal science.

4 Medline Over 19 million references to journal articles, including reviews and clinical trials. Gathered from 4,600 biomedical journals published in the USA and 70 other countries. 1950 - present.

5 PubMed with Oxford links Use this version to get authenticated access to Oxford's full-text (via the "Find it @ Oxford" icon which appears in each record). yncbishare=Oxford_HCL This is the link used on SOLO, Oxlip+ and our library pages.

6 EMBASE EMBASE differs from Medline in a couple of ways EMBASE has a particular focus on drugs & pharmacology EMBASE covers a wider range of non- English language journals To get the advantages of both Medline and EMBASE use SCOPUSSCOPUS

7 Good coverage- especially in Medicine as it covers both Medline and EMBASE It is a very large database covering 18,000 + journal titles as well as some book series and conferences Also links to Scientific web sites through SCIRUS It has an easy-to-use interface with useful add- ons such as citation tracker & journal analyzer

8 BIOSIS Previews Life sciences & biomedical research covering pre-clinical & experimental research, methods and instrumentation, animal studies, & more. 5000 journals Plus conferences, patents, and books 1926 - present Updated weekly

9 Access via Web of Knowledge …which also hosts Web of Science Science Citation Index (1945-present) Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (1990-present) Plus Medline!

10 Other biomedical databases AMED (Allied and Complementary Medicine) Global Health PsycINFO (psychology) SportDiscus (sports science)

11 Clinical databases TRIP (Turning Research into Practice)TRIP evidence for clinical practice UpToDate authoritative answers to clinical questions

12 Cochrane Library a collection of databases that contain high- quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Cochrane reviews represent the highest level of evidence on which to base clinical treatment decisions Systematic reviews

13 All available on SOLO Or OxLIP+ (Oxford Libraries Information Platform) Search for database name

14 Find it @ Oxford

15 Database overlap Compare journal title lists with JISC Academic Database Assessment Tool (ADAT)ADAT

16 Here to help Health Care Libraries Radcliffe Science Library

17 Over to you Try an online tutorial from the list at Or go to SOLO Search for a database, eg BIOSIS Click on Online Access Search on a topic of your choice

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