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Libraries in FE Colleges Capita Library Management System Demonstration May 2013.

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1 Libraries in FE Colleges Capita Library Management System Demonstration May 2013

2 Academic Customers

3 …and we also Support the library community  Community concept central to our formation in 1969  ‘shared innovation’ is a key principle  create partnerships with customers, peers, competitors Provide industry leadership  keep abreast of government initiatives and library challenges  respond to market drivers and technological advances

4 How are we different?  Understand local agendas (UK and Ireland)  Complete transparency (forums, blogs, user groups)  Shared innovation benefits libraries and users  Understand the practical need for shared services – with a local flavour  Technological leadership  keep up with customers rising expectations  pioneering use of open standards and web services

5 Current Pressures The challenges  Increased institutional targets  Increased student expectations and demands  Improved, updated and streamlined workflows  Do ‘more with less’ Libraries need a management system that can  Improve the student experience  Adapt and respond to changes  Deliver services via multiple channels  Be measured through powerful intelligence solutions

6 Next Generation Application

7 The Library Management Suite A suite of flexible applications supporting core library needs…

8 The Staff Interface

9 The Capita LMS - It’s all about choice

10 Choices....  Deployed staff interface  Web enabled version

11 Easy to use and with plenty of help

12 Provides the system that you need

13 EDI Processes Capita EDI Gateway Fully managed processes Comprehensive reporting Integrates directly with major suppliers  Bertrams  Askews & Holts  E-book providers  More...

14 Web enabled staff interface Choice of application Available on tablet devices, laptops, PC’s – any internet enabled device Mobilises staff within the college Academic liaison / outreach work


16 The Student Interface

17 Student Resource Discovery Tool Hosted – SaaS Iterative updates Powerful search Flexible design Future proofed Minimal Systems Management

18 Mobile Interface Mobile Web interface – widest audience Adaptive design Focus on key tasks Mobile version


20 Integration

21 Integration of services Student Services:  Portal / VLE  E-payment solutions Back Office Systems:  Finance systems  Student registry systems  UNIT-e

22 Portal / VLE


24 EPayments






30 Finance Integration

31 Student Registry

32 UNIT-e Integration

33 Your LMS Portal / VLE Epayments System ILL requests Finance System Student Registry

34 Managing the System

35 Managed Services Capita undertake system management for deployed LMS  Perform all upgrades  Proactively administer LMS  Ensure changes are implemented correctly (parameters etc)  Governed by SLA  Changes submitted via web forms and tracked

36 Benefits of Managed Services Day to day management tasks are undertaken by Capita Can achieve significant cost savings No staff shortages – sickness/holiday etc Fully audited upgrades ‘Always on’ support

37 Hosted LMS – Capita  SaaS the latest wave in technology trends  History of the Capita Library Management System  All of your LMS – no servers on-site  Capita host the hardware and software  Next generation of the LMS

38 Benefits of the Capita Hosted Solution No server hardware therefore lower cost of ownership Reduced risk for the college  Business Continuity  Disaster Recovery No upgrades to perform No need to alter any 3 rd party suppliers Can be part of a consortia

39 Implementation

40 What feels different with Capita? From the start of the journey it’s about a shared view of success We pay special attention to understand your library, your staff and your customers One size does not fit all – we have an approach that works that we take care to implement for each customer

41 Project Lifecycle: Overview of an LMS Project Project Initiation Hardware Requirement LMS Set up Data Extracts Data Conversions Data Testing Education UAT Testing Live Project Review

42 What we think matters Excellent Project Management –Open communications –Timely reporting –Single point of contact during your implementation –Engaged with all the project teams at both Capita and our customer Training –Discussed in detail to fit your requirements Data Conversion –This is the critical path of an LMS project Testing –Plan early to take the time required to achieve confidence in the system readiness and the staff readiness to transition

43 Summary The Capita LMS meets your requirements  Provides the functionality required by your students and staff for both physical and electronic resources  Backed by a provider with over 40 years experience  Will streamline back office processes  Integrate with other systems, both library systems and institutional  Will enhance the student experience Capita provides a total solution for management of today's college library

44 Questions?

45 Spare slides

46 Web enabled staff interface










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