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2 WORK PACKAGE 3 This work package is the most vital basis to the success of SSA-TC project. The whole development of this work package relies on the outcomes / output of WP1 and WP2. It is absolutely necessary that the results and conclusions reached from WP1 and WP2 are valid, reliable and consistent to reflect the true state of affairs in the tourism and catering sector across Europe. This is the reason that project partner countries are well spread out over Europe representing north, south, east, west and central Europe. There will be a triangulation of data collected from the industry (employers), education (academics) and employees / students to see if their views synchronise.

3 WORK PACKAGE 3 Of course, the project co-ordinator carried PhD research on the Initial and Continuous Vocational Education and Training system in the hospitality and catering industry and highlighted the evidence of serious skills shortages and skill gaps. The overall objective of this work package is to produce a framework of qualification which resolved the human resource issues and also takes into account the impact of globalisation on the tourism and catering industry in Europe. First is the lack of skilled staff available in numbers and secondly, the skill shortages and skill gaps in certain areas. There are further details highlighted in the deliverable outcomes (Deliverable Number 5).

4 DELIVERABLE 5: SSA-TC NEW CURRICULUM / QUALIFICATION Project co-ordinator has already some outline plans which are outlined below. But these ideas will only be put forward after actual evidence obtained from WP1 and WP2. The curriculum / qualification has to be absolutely transparent, transferable, consistent and creditable. This can be achieved by strictly following the ECVET principles in the design of NEW qualification with European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Each module on the Initial and Continuous VET course will have to be written in SMART learning outcomes with credit points allocated to each learning outcome. The industry / employers are looking for higher level of vocational skills in the employees. This makes it essential to develop this qualification at EQF level 4.

5 DELIVERABLE 5: SSA-TC NEW CURRICULUM / QUALIFICATION The mobility of young people across Europe is absolutely essential especially trained staff for the tourism and catering industry. This should be a mandatory component of the qualification and on successful completion each student will also receive EUROPASS. Hence, a discrete module can be developed covering the knowledge and skills required for a successful work experience in another European country. The staff lack linguistic skills which can be overcome by introducing a language module for students following their qualification. This can already prepare student to carry out mobility programme.

6 DELIVERABLE 5: SSA-TC NEW CURRICULUM / QUALIFICATION The employers have often remarked the students / learners coming into employment lack skills of logical thinking, critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation. There is a great shortage in industry at the supervisory level of management such as front office manager, restaurant manager etc. This necessitates to develop a module on the live research or research in action at level 4 which could require a student to define an operational problem whilst on work experience and suggest solutions to resolve it. This could become a component of the work experience report.

7 DELIVERABLE 5: SSA-TC NEW CURRICULUM / QUALIFICATION The other factor to take into account is the impact of globalisation on the tourism and catering industry. On one side the change in clientele as more and more tourists are coming from different parts of the world such as China, India, Russia etc. The employees have to understand their idiosyncrasies and meet their specific needs. On the other hand there is also an influx of international cuisine in Europe some of which was not heard before. There is also another challenge of managing human resources from different ethnic backgrounds. This may necessitate to develop a module on “inter-cultural interference”.

8 DELIVERABLE 5: SSA-TC NEW CURRICULUM / QUALIFICATION There is also a great need to prepare young people with an understanding of sustainable tourism / eco- tourism / green tourism at every level of education and training system. This could form a module in its own right. It is absolutely essential that all young people trained for the tourism and catering industry are fully equipped with the information technology skills. In order to be sure about this the NEW qualification will be offered as an on-line learning platform. There will be an introductory module on the use of course and a handbook to prepare students and facilitate their total learning experience whilst equipping them with the required technological skills.

9 DELIVERABLE 5: SSA-TC NEW CURRICULUM / QUALIFICATION It is anticipated that the NEW qualification will have SIX modules at VET EQF Level 4 for the learners on Initial and Continuous Vocational and Education Training Courses.

10 WORK PACKAGE 4 Based on the identified content of the curriculum and the selected materials, provided with an appropriate and user friendly IT platform and trained how to work with this platform, all partners will start to up load the material. Mostly, all partners will work in teams / pairs according to their competence, experience and interests. Each working group will have a team leader who is responsible for co- ordinating with the group and also with the other working groups. It is anticipated that there will be 6 modules delivered at Initial and Continuous VET level 4 (EQF). Each module will be integrated to ECVET, ECTS, EQAVET and APEL concepts. The project group will further develop the concept of accreditation of prior experiential learning and how it can be implemented into the SSA-TC NEW qualification. A dedicated team has been assigned this role.

11 WORK PACKAGE 4 Finally, the SSA-TC handbook developed will be an independent learning source which will complement the IT learning platform. Both the tools together create the firm basis of the blended learning approach for this NEW qualification. SSA-TC NEW qualification will also have a mandatory module entitled co-operative education or internship to ensure that the transnational mobility programme is firmly built into this course. A project meeting in Croatia (Partner 3) is at half way of the work package which will give opportunity for evaluation and adaption of the work flow.

12 DELIVERABLE 6: PROJECT MEETING 2 There will be a second project meeting of all partners and associated partners which is compulsory in Croatia (Partner 3). The focus will be on the following activities: Presentation and discussion of status quo of IT content and handbook developments Conclusions on finalisations of above outcomes Task allocation and preparation for pilot training in WP5 General project management issues At least one media release

13 DELIVERABLE 7: SSA-TC LEARNING CONTENT Implementation of selected learning materials for modules 1 to 6 into IT learning environment. The whole qualification has to be delivered in English language. Each partner from the Initial and Continuous Vocational Education and Training institutions will take the lead role and be overall responsible for the quality of one specific module allocated (approximately 40 pages).

14 DELIVERABLE 8: SSA-TC HANDBOOK The handbook will be a complementary learning source to the IT based learning content: both product tools add up to the new course / qualification. The handbook contains learning materials, which will be compulsory to all learners / students. The handbook will also contain information about the SSA-TC project, how to deal with IT learning platform, duration of course, credit points and how APEL can be applied to this course / qualification (approximately 20 pages)

15 DELIVERABLE 9: SSA-TC DVD All learning content, materials and concepts selected and developed (IT based) learning materials, handbook, APEL procedure, ECVET, ECTS, EQAVET and EUROPASS concept will also be published on DVD which is a learning as well as dissemination tool. The DVD will also contain relevant information concerning the SSA-TC project and its partnership. The DVDs will be produced and distributed amongst 9 partner countries. (100 copies of DVD will be produced for each partner country).




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