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MINI TENNIS PROGRAMME Presents Vivz Pro Tennis Academies (VPTA)

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1 MINI TENNIS PROGRAMME Presents Vivz Pro Tennis Academies (VPTA)


3 The Mini Tennis programme for kids which caters for beginners. The programme targets kids aged between 3 to 18 years, who are just starting out in tennis. The Mini Tennis programme is all about having fun introducing new beginner players into tennis and giving them a chance to get a feel of the game and have a hit.

4 Whether you’re a parent, teacher or club organizer - you can inspire kids to enjoy tennis - even if you don’t have much experience in the sport yourself. To help you deliver tennis, VPTA has devised this pack of activity cards which will allow you to deliver different drills and practices to a range of abilities.

5 To give as many students as possible an opportunity to join a pleasant and enjoyable physical activity To teach the students basic tennis technique, how to score and some tennis etiquette To stimulate the students to continue to play tennis, if possible at a club level Objectives Of Mini-tennis

6 To contribute to the educational development of children at school by building motor skills and self-confidence. To identify talented youngsters for follow-up programmes. VPTA is looking at taking the Mini Tennis programme into schools to promote tennis and generate interest.

7 Mini Tennis is basically played on a smaller court to start with and is all about having fun. We believe that taking the programme into schools will be beneficial for the schools, teachers and the sport overall. Advantages Of Mini Tennis

8 Mini tennis programme does not need a tennis court; it can be executed in an open ground or an empty hall Any flat surface from a school patio to a playground can be used The rules are very simple and the technique is very basic and easy Mini-tennis equipment is inexpensive

9 In primary schools you’re recommended to use red or orange balls for all these activities. The only time you would use green is on a full sized court with experienced players. The court size for younger players is 12m x 6m (over the width of a tennis court or on a badminton court if available) depending on space available, with an 80cm high net.. Starting With Mini Tennis

10 In secondary schools you’re recommended to use orange balls for beginners, and then progress to green balls when players are ready. If playing on a tennis court, start players in the service box then progress back.

11 Warm up Floor tennis Tap up tennis Catch tennis Rally 1-2-3 Over arm server Return the serve React ‘n volle y Lesson Plans For Tennis:







18 Mini Tennis has 4 stages – Tots, Red, Orange and Green. Each stage has its own colour- coded ball -the speed and bounce of each ball are relevant to the age and ability of the players in that stage. There are also different sized rackets - dependent on ability and size of the player. Stages In Mini Tennis

19 Tennis Tots is an early introduction to tennis, with emphasis on developing agility, balance and coordination which are fundamental skills to have in place when moving onto Mini- Tennis Red. Sessions will involve various exercises in the form of a circuit that prepare the child for this, whilst getting them used to working with others around them. TENNIS TOTS Age guide: 4

20 MINI TENNIS RED Age guide: 4 upwards Ability: Level 3: Beginner level Level 2: Intermediate Red Level 1: Advanced Red Mini Tennis Red is played on a scaled down court with large, soft tennis balls and small rackets that are more appropriate to the child’s size, strength and ability. Players will learn the basic techniques and tactics whilst developing the mental and competitive skills to help them progress their tennis. There is also a lot of emphasis on coordination (general and hand-eye) and movement which are essential if they are to improve their tennis.

21 MINI TENNIS ORANGE Age guide: 7 years and above Ability: Able to rally with a red ball comfortably and have developed a sound technique whilst understanding the basic tactics of the game. Level 2: Intermediate Orange Level 1: Advanced Orange Mini-Tennis Orange is played on a 3/4 sized court with mini- orange balls. Players will improve on their basic technique and develop their tactical awareness. Their mental and competitive skills will be continually improving alongside this.

22 DEVELOPMENT TENNIS GREEN Age guide: 8 years and above Ability: Able to rally a minimum of 10 strokes on a full sized court and play comfortably with an orange ball. Development Tennis Green is played on a full-sized court with slightly softer green tennis balls. Having developed a sound technique, there will be further work on this, but also a lot of emphasis on tactics and competition.

23 JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Age 8 – 18 years The Junior Development Programme acts as a natural progression from the Mini Tennis Programme. With the introduction of the yellow ball which is more suited to the older and stronger player, it builds upon the skills learnt at the younger age. The programme runs throughout the year on a termly basis and is aimed at all ages and abilities.

24 Images Of Kids Playing




28 Vivz Pro Tennis Academies (VPTA) 9823154545

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