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Support Services for Education Schools Forum 4 March 2015.

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1 Support Services for Education Schools Forum 4 March 2015

2 Cabinet Decision 10/12/15 Retain SSE within SCC as trading unit, review progress in a year and case for transferring out after 2 years Confirmed current service scope/set process for agreement of future changes Require full cost recovery in 5 years Note appointment of Commercial and General Manager to secure commercial skills Implementation of Business Improvement Plan Introduce governance to oversee performance Continue development of commissioning function

3 Transition Plan Resolution of outstanding issues on service scope eg Learning Support Development of Service Level Agreements (SLA) to clarify levels of service funded by SCC/DSG Managing impact of 15/16 MTFP reductions Managing impact of 15/16 DSG position Finalising SCC Commissioning function Appointment of Commercial and General Manager (Ian Rowswell as from 7/4/15)

4 Business Improvement Plan Staff integration: Standardise templates and procedures for: Staff line management and appraisals Staff Training Reviewing staff turnover and exit interviews Draft and agree processes for: Process for recruitment and DBS Employment of consultants terms and conditions Staff training and SSE training plan Sickness monitoring Include link to finance Training for manager on performance

5 Business Improvement Plan Technology Review procedures for allocation and recording of: Staff use of equipment, inventories ICT Equipment, Programmes/applications Capita/systems Time recording Issues re Wide Area Network

6 Business Improvement Plan Business Strategy Review costing, pricing, fees and charges – linking to a time recording and what system we want to use Develop Managers understanding of their budgets and where income is held Invoicing and SSTEP development Terms and conditions for traded services Review potential income targets for individual groups Management of profit and loss/margins Scheme of Delegation for SSE

7 Business Improvement Plan Financial Integration Develop robust contract arrangements: Review terms and conditions for all services trading with schools Development of detailed SLAs with the Local Authority – by end of March 2015 Costing of SLAs for 2015/2016 Ensure links to compact Ensure process to link SLA to staff targets Process for SLA visiting schools to feedback on services/issues

8 Business Improvement Plan Customer Engagement and Marketing Customer feedback – agreeing a consistent approach for SSTEP Branding – Ideas? Opportunities for growth Cross trading – how are we going to do this? SSTEP and newsletters Communication with customers New Head teacher induction pack for SSE and SSTEPs Vision and Values, Children and Young People as a strapline Set up a customer support type role for schools and EY settings More research as to newsletters and communities

9 Business Improvement Plan Governance Establish Transition Management Board Review attendance at meetings by SSE staff Establish new business processes/accountabilities/responsibilities for SSE

10 Proposed Outcomes for 15/16 SSE’s contribution to raising achievement/supporting vulnerable learners is demonstrable Outstanding scope issues and Commissioning/Client function are resolved through Transition Plan Staff are supported through the process of commercialisation/cultural change and have been enabled to take part in the development of the business Robust service planning, resource deployment, service performance and monitoring are embedded

11 Proposed Outcomes for 15/16 SSE is moving towards full cost recovery whilst maintaining a clear focus on customer service/feedback A culture of regular review and development of organisational design ensuring a flexible and rapid response is in place Plans are in place to meet targets for growth in customers/products and services Processes are in place to identify and respond to customer need through the provision of high quality services

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