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London Apprenticeship Project The Engage to Enable Pledge Disability Rights UK.

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1 London Apprenticeship Project The Engage to Enable Pledge Disability Rights UK

2 According to the Little Report 2012, the percentage of apprentices declaring a learning difficulty or disability has fallen between 2005/06 and 2010/11 from 11.1% to 8% There is a wide misconception that employing disabled people can be costly, complicated and time consuming Systematic flaws, highly bureaucratic procedures and underused resources restrict the freedom of choice disabled people can access In 2012 46.3% of working-age disabled people were in employment compared to 76.4% of working-age non-disabled people - Labour Force Survey Barriers

3 The Case for Disabled Apprentices Making opportunities accessible to disabled applicants helps your business access a wider pool of talent Employers find that disabled employees display greater loyalty and commitment helping organisations retain talent whilst enhancing business reputation & credibility Reduced costs on training & recruitment, increased staff retention and reduced costs associated with conflict & litigation Highlights social responsibility as well as improving your organisation’s value in both the marketplace and the workplace Offers freedom of choice for disabled young adults to pursue their aspirations and develop their potential

4 London Apprenticeship Project Aims Demonstrate that flexible alternatives to the norm can improve opportunities for disabled people to pursue their career goals Show that with relevant holistic support, cooperation and positive engagement, apprentices with disabilities can achieve and excel Prove that with due consideration of the Equality Act 2010, the Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in England can effectively explore alternatives to validate a person’s ability & relevant skill-set Increase the confidence of employers, training providers & key stakeholders to improve access to apprenticeships for disabled applicants

5 Key Objectives Support a total of 30 disabled young adults to access and progress with an apprenticeship and, where possible during the lifetime of the project, stay in employment after their apprenticeship finishes. Develop a network of partnerships consisting of Disabled People’s Organisations, training providers/colleges, employers and key stakeholders (DWP/AtW/SFA/BIS) to meet our set targets Provide practical case studies to influence, encourage and motivate organisations invovled in supporting NEET young adults ensuring disabled people have a platfrom to help them pursue their work and life ambitions

6 The Engage to Enable Pledge Partners to the pledge will commit to: Provide exclusive access to an agreed number of apprenticeships, work placements or traineeships Consider alternative ways of assessing an applicant’s ability to undertake an apprenticeship, work placement or traineeship Provide specialist support to employers and training providers to influence success rates whilst increasing confidence amongst stakeholders

7 Our Promise to You Deliver an effective and inclusive job brokerage service that links key stakeholders and highlights individual skill-set and potential regardless of impairment or disability Provide individual support to young disabled adults through mentoring, empowerment and training. Develop their employability skills and enable freedom of choice driven by aspirations and personal ambition Deliver practical advice and guidance to training providers and employers on individual support needs, reasonable adjustments and improve awareness of disabilities where required Offer specific support to training providers and employers to promote sustainability, successful completion of apprenticeships and job retention

8 Taking Part Sign up to our pledge today and discover how your organisation can help us tackle barriers disabled people face whilst promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. Please contact our project coordinator for a discussion on how we may foster a meaningful partnership to support young disabled people to pursue their career ambitions through more accessible apprenticeships, work placements and training. Project Coordinator: Danny Estrada Direct Line: 020 7566 0118Email:

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