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The winner The third place The second place Here are the winners.

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4 The winner The third place The second place Here are the winners

5 Agnieszka Odolecka, III D Possible causes and solutions of global warming Nowadays, there are a lot of environmental problems which are very dangerous for our planet and as a consequence for us. These are for example pollution, logging or acid rain. In my opinion, the most serious environmental problem is global warming, because it can cause really bad results in the future. Firstly, the main reason of global warming is emition of greenhouse gases, for example carbon dioxide or methane. To reduce this emition we should use less fossile fuels and disseminate renewable sources of energy. We should also try to limit car fumes by going on foot, riding a bike or using public transport. Secondly, another important thing which contributes to global warming is deforestation, especially rainforests. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and cutting them down causes that bigger amounts of this gas get through the atmosphere. To stop this problem, governments should reduce new investments and plant more trees. Finally, huge amounts of harmful gases get through the atmosphere from factories’ chimneys. To reduce this problem, governments should create stricter law and panish factories, which produce to much toxic gases or do not put filters on their chimneys. All in all, I think that global warming is an important environmental problem which can cause serious climate changes. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that we can do to stop this danger. Unless people realize the effects of global warming and do something to stop them, life on our planet can simply disappear.

6 Justyna Woźniak, III C Possible causes and solutions of global warming Global warming is a process which leads to increase of temperature on the Earth and glaciers melting. Undoubtedly, people constantly contribute to intensifying this problem, so as the inhabitants of the Earth we are obligated to compensate for the damage. I would like to present a few significant factors that influence global warming and some solutions to this problem. First and foremost, greenhouse gases, which chiefly originate in thermal power-stations, bombard the ozone layer, so that more and more sunrays reach our planet. Moreover, the intensity of the photosynthesis is decreasing drastically due to the deforestation. At last, cattle farm, rise cultivation or other humans actions cause the emission of for instance harmful methane. That is why measures need to be taken to reduce our prejudicial impact on the ozone layer. To begin with, we should use renewable sources of energy. In Britain approximately 90% of energy needs are met by burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, such situation relates to many other countries. Using water or the Sun as sources of energy will be a mile step to prevent global warming. Furthermore, insulating houses and using energy efficient products is an exceptionally effective solution as all the people can do that. As a result, we will use less fuel to heat and cool our houses and save on energy simultaneously. In conclusion, we all need to cooperate to achieve wanted results. It definitely will not be easy to restore an old order but we have no choice if we want to survive..

7 Katarzyna Zdunkiewicz kl. III D POSSIBLE CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS OF GLOBAL WARMING These days there are many problems, which are connected with our planet, but the most important is global warming. It is causing a change in the world's climate. As a result ocean levels are rising and we are seeing more extreme weather conditions. The global warming is caused by many factors, but there is a lot of things we can do to stop it. The main cause of global warming are greenhouse gasses, which are included in the car fumes mostly. To reduce them, we should ride a bike or use public transport instead of driving car. It would also help if we instal catalytic converters in our cars or use unleaded petrol. Another cause is using fossil fuels, which also prodeuce a lot of carbon dioxide. The situation culd be improved by using renewable sources of energy like wind power, hydropower or solar power. They produce the same amount of energy or even more and do not pollute the air. In addiction, the global warming is also caused by deforestation. The trees are very important, they produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide in the air, so we should stop cutting down trees. A useful sugestion would be to save paper, recycle and plant new trees. Today, the Earth is in a really danger, but there are many ways to improve the situation. We all need to do whatever we can to reduce air pollution and deforestation. I think that everybody wants our planet to be clean and safe.

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