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The GEO Web Portal New Interface Guido Colangeli.

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1 The GEO Web Portal New Interface Guido Colangeli


3 GEOSSCommonInfrastructure  Allow GEOSS resources to be easily discovered and accessed.  Improve interoperability for existing and future observation systems.  Build an Open Infrastructure in accordance with the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles.


5 GEOSS resources discovered by:  Free text  Browsing via Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs)  Geo-temporal search  Geo-enabled RSS feeds visualization on globe The GEO Web Portal (now)

6  Search results grouped by resources categories.  Ranking from Data Access Broker (DAB) Search Results

7 .zip file PdfWeb LinkImage Access to Resources

8  Focus on searching  Home Page information organized into three main areas in order to simplify the user interface:  Data;  News;  Community.  Easy to navigate for the non-GEO-specialist The New GEO Portal

9 Fast to downloadNo plugin neededSuitable accessed from the most common Browsers & O/S2D map and directly linked to results (geo extension, WMS/WFS layers, etc.)Ontology and Semantic optionsAvailable in a number of languagesInteractive audio (on/off)Sensitive help when hovering on any element of the interfaceVideo Tutorials Evolution Main Drivers Social credentials to log in to the Portal, should the user wish toPossibility to annotate/evaluate results to enrich their related metadataAdd entries in the GEO CalendarIntegration with Single Sign-On (Dependant of AIP 6)Follow us and Share functions

10 The New GEO Web Portal

11  Discovery Map and Search boxes on the first and foremost spot  Data Providers  News  Community  Social  Featured Data The Home Page

12  New 2D Map  Result Icons Grouping  Dead Links Handling  Social Like: Evaluation/Annotation of Discovered Resources  New Search Panel, including Semantic option and GEOSS Data Core flag  Filter & Order by  Hovering Preview Search & Result Page

13 Phase 1

14 Phase 2

15 Phase 3

16 Contribution to GEO C1 - Advances in Life-cycle Data Management IN-02 Earth Data Sets C1 - Evolution and Enhancement of the GCI C2 - Operations and Maintenance of GCI Components IN-03 GEOSS Common Infrastructure C1 - Worldwide Communication Network of Networks IN-04 GEOSS Communication Networks C1 - GEOSS Design and Interoperability IN-05 GEOSS Design Interoperability C2 - Operational Systems for Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems SB-01 Oceans and Society: Blue Planet C1 - Global Land Cover Datasets and Service SB-02 Global Land Cover C2 - Definition, Implementation and Operations of the GFOI in Support of National Forest Information Systems SB-03 Global Forest Observation C1 - Disaster Management Systems C2 Geohazards Monitoring, Alert, and Risk Assessment DI-01 Informing Risk Management and Disaster Reduction C1 - Integrated Water-cycle Products and Services C5 - Information System Development and Capacity Building WA-01 Integrated Water Information

17 The Prezi presentation of the New GEO Portal can be found at: The New GEO Web Portal: evolution towards the 2014 GEO Ministerial Summit Many Thanks

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