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Simon Gray CEO, EEEGR 21 st October 2013 Orbis Invest Northern Ireland Kilkeel study tour.

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1 Simon Gray CEO, EEEGR 21 st October 2013 Orbis Invest Northern Ireland Kilkeel study tour

2 Introduction: EEEGR Catalyst for the Energy Industry The East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) is the industry association for energy in the East of England, representing over 390 members across the supply chain. Non-profit, industry-led group Members operate through all energy sectors Unite businesses with a common cause and combined voice

3 Membership £170K Events £100K Corporate sponsorship £100K ERDF £100K EEEGR Income sources

4 Context East of England: Energy Portfolio Upstream Oil & gas Gas processing terminal Decommissioning Wind Bioenergy Conventional generation Nuclear Coal Gasification Carbon capture and storage Electricity transmission and distribution

5 East of England Wind Farms & Gas Fields Oil & Gas 150 SNS platforms 2 interconnectors at Bacton 50 platforms coming through Bacton Nearly 50 years Experience

6 East of England on national agenda EofE Famous sons and daughters George Orwell to Boudicca Benjamin Britten to Nelson 3rd highest ranking In terms of GDP after London & SE EofE now powering the country Unique mix of energy sources producing the nations electricity. Nuclear, gas, wind. Need to enhance the profile and knowledge of sector Westminster, nationally, regionally

7 EEEGR is the energy business network. Members gain access the most senior networks by organising and facilitating exhibitions, conferences, breakfast events, Special Interest Groups, Meet the buyer sessions, social networking events EEEGR is the B2B enabler Helps members identify business opportunities and contract via meet the buyer and online feeds and email newsletters – Enables members to keep in touch with the right people. EEEGR is the industry’s platform. Enhance members profile through the EEEGR website, publications, media relationships, social media platforms & events. Supply chain development Inform business of the scale of the opportunity encourage them to invest time and effort in developing their businesses to engage with the sector – ERDF EEEGR Member Benefits

8 Introduction: EEEGR Member Benefits EEEGR is the industry’s voice. Represented at local, regional and national Government, in the media & the supply chain. EEEGR adds value. Access industry expertise, Supply chain development, contacts, leads, innovations EEEGR brings focus. Promoting the region, improving inward investment & international trade. EEEGR is the forum for skills. Skills for Energy Programme: Skilled & sustainable local workforce for today & for the future. Skills is a major area for EEEGR and Celia Anderson will be telling you more. Influence EEEGR. Members shape & drive us through our democratic governance structure & special interest groups (SIG‘s)

9 Review: EEEGR Events SNS (Southern North Sea) 2013 – 500 Delegates 80 Exhibitors Innovation Awards 2013 EEEGR2013 All energy event– 260 Delegates EEEGR Breakfast Clubs Supplychain Roadshow Social Events & Dinners Skills for Energy and Skills events. Meet the Buyer Special Interest Groups)

10 SNS2013 Exhibitors

11 Communications & marketing Media relationship with local press. 3 supplements per year 200000 readership Tied into flagship events Profile Positive messages Monthly column in daily press

12 Communications & marketing Quarterly members newsletter – self funding Digital magazine Active PR campaigns across local media, Consumer press, TV, radio, trade media Video Blog on web site and distributed to third parties Social media inc. Linked in and Twitter Twice weekly e shots

13 Programme: Supply chain support Our approach to developing the supply chain: Fully funded support programme for the energy supply chain in the East of England Bespoke, specialist support from industry experts Support for businesses that have already secured opportunities within the sector Engagement with businesses that are aware of the sector and whose competencies and capability should allow for their pursuit of supply chain opportunities Exploring diversification opportunities for companies unaware of the sector, prioritising gaps in the supply chain

14 Programmes: Inward Investment Inward Investment is a key EEEGR programme EEEGR objective: Accelerate the growth of the energy supply chain in the region Inward investment: attracting new energy majors to the region Managing Partner ‘East of England Energy Zone’ Stimulating more business for EEEGR members and strengthening the supply chain

15 Simon Gray CEO EEEGR e: t: 01493 446535 Thank you… …Any Questions?

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