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Zafar Masood Latin America Unit UKTI. Helps UK-based businesses succeed globally Assists overseas companies to bring high quality investment to the UK.

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1 Zafar Masood Latin America Unit UKTI

2 Helps UK-based businesses succeed globally Assists overseas companies to bring high quality investment to the UK HQ in London and Glasgow Overseas Posts at UK High Commissions and Embassies Overview of UK Trade & Investment Provides a range of expert services, practical support and programmes –Knowledge, market entry and access advice, for internationalisation –Opening doors to decision makers Target-driven –Supporting the national challenge to double exports to £1trillion, get 100,000 more companies exporting by 2020

3 UKTI Support Services Accessing International Markets Maximising Foreign Direct Investments Developing International Trade Potential Passport to Export Export Communications Review (ECR) Export Marketing Research Scheme (EMRS) Gateway to Global Growth Overseas Market Introduction Services (OMIS) Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) High Value Opportunities Programme Market Visit Support Inward Missions Sector Events in the UK Sector-based Outward Missions Sector Events Overseas Business Opportunity Alerts Inward Investment Specialist Advice Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) Research & Development (R&D) Programme

4 Passport to Export For new and inexperienced exporters Free capability assessments Support in visiting potential markets Mentoring from a local export professional Free action plans Customised and subsidised training Ongoing support once you're up and running Gateway to Global Growth A service to experienced exporters offering a strategic review, planning and support to help grow their company's business overseas. Gateway offers a single route to a wide range of guidance and support from UKTI and others to help take the company to a new level of international success Some more detail

5 Overseas Market Introduction Service A flexible business tool, letting you use the services of our trade teams, located in our embassies, to benefit your business A possible service package –Market, sector advice –Analysis of market entry strategies –Support during overseas visits –Identification of possible business partners From £500 to £2000 + Export Marketing Research Scheme Free advice on all stages of researching a market: –Desk/Field research/interviews –Interpreting results to develop your strategy Contribution to costs: –Buying published reports (up to 33%) –Specialist research agencies (33%- 50%) –Own field research (up to 50% of costs) Managed by British Chambers of Commerce Some more detail

6 Export Communication Review Help companies assess the way companies communicate with overseas customers Can review the effectiveness of a company website to communicate with potential customers Preparation for trade show or exhibition Trade Access Programme TAP supports UK SMEs to exhibit at overseas trade fairs, An eligible business is an SME –fewer than 250 employees; –annual turnover not exceeding €50 million; –not more than 25% owned by a company larger than an SME. Aimed at less experienced exporters, –either in terms of the company’s exports as a percentage of total sales or –the company having been exporting less than 10 years. Depending on the exhibition the grant is £1,000, £1,400 or £1,800. Some more detail

7 Overview A new approach to the identification, prioritisation and delivery of support in pursuit of high value overseas procurement opportunities Operational since April 2011 Have so far supported an estimated £2.9 billion of UK wins 100 priority projects across ? markets Project Criteria Large scale overseas infrastructure projects offering substantial opportunities for UK companies; Minimum total value (end to end expenditure) of £500m Minimum accessible value (contracts open to the UK) of £250m High Value Opportunities Programme

8 How it works? Potential projects identified by overseas network; Projects evaluated and compared using a robust methodology Priority list ‘sense checked’ through broad stakeholder engagement; Top 100 projects actively pursued by ‘virtual’ teams. How we can help? Early intelligence on opportunities Support with identifying in-market partners Help with navigating overseas procurement processes Support with indentifying UK partners and facilitating consortia Facilitating Access to decision makers Support with ‘unblocking’ issues Ministerial lobbying Tailored support for companies of all sizes High Value Opportunities Programme

9 Current position on UKTI Export Support UKTI helped 25,400 business in 2011-12, 90 % of them SMEs; Helped businesses generate £30 billion in additional sales; Helped firms create 36,000 new jobs; Supported over £1billion of major project wins since High Value Programme was introduced; Helped secure £8 billion of defence and security exports. UKTI’s priority markets for trade: Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam.

10 Colombia HVO Programme: The Opportunities Third biggest population in LATAM (46 million) Growth 6% pa fuelled by coffee, gold and coal. 4 th largest economy in LATAM. Top reformer of the last decade. One of the safest countries to do business in LATAM UK Connection at the top level $100 billion ($ 60bn committed by central govt, $40bn by municipal govt) over the next eight years Most projects to follow PPP model as the new law governing PPP projects has been adopted by the govt Social infrastructure and Mass Transport HVO projects

11 UKTI Contacts Peter Bainbridge First Secretary Prosperity Officer British Embassy Bogotá Tel: + 571 3268361 Stephen Harris UKTI High Value Specialist (Colombia) k Tel: 07702 464 366 Zafar Masood Senior Country Manager (Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador) Tel: 020 7215 4621 Owen O’ Connor Director, UKTI British Embassy Lima Owen.O’ Tel: +51 1 617 3031

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