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Dramatic Structure of Romeo and Juliet

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1 Dramatic Structure of Romeo and Juliet
Mrs. K Prescott English 112

2 Introduction / Exposition
Sets the scene ** Act I - Verona, several characters, summer, feud, ultimatum, Paris’ suit

3 Exciting Force Begins rising action ** Romeo and Juliet meet

4 Rising Action hero has conflict with others but still stays on top
** Act II - in love with the enemy, get married

5 Crisis / Climax turning point in action, major setback which foreshadows downfall ** Mercutio’s death, Romeo’s revenge on Tybalt

6 Falling Action more setbacks, some comic relief
** Acts III & IV – banishment, separation of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet’s marriage to Paris is set, potion plan, comic relief

7 Tragic Force speeds up the downfall
** Act V – news of Juliet’s “death” from Balthasar

8 Moment Of Final Suspense
delays death – offers a possible escape ** Juliet might awaken before Romeo takes the potion

9 Denouement (Resolution) and Conclusion
ties up loose ends, restores order ** Act V, iii – duel suicide, Friar Laurence’s explanation, monuments erected, end to feud in sight, punishment is questionable

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