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Enterprise Data Solutions A Better Network. A Better ROI. Martin Matthews Technical Sales Engineer.

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1 Enterprise Data Solutions A Better Network. A Better ROI. Martin Matthews Technical Sales Engineer

2 Agenda Market Trends and Dynamics Security Solutions Market Opportunity Secure Flexible Working Secure Branch Connectivity Secure Data Center LAN and WLAN Solutions Market Opportunity Secure Mobility Solutions Converged LAN Solutions Information

3 Do more with less Drive employee productivity with IT Use IT to increase the “bottom line” Ensure the infrastructure is always available Secure the environment What are the CIO challenges in meeting the demands being made by business

4 One Network Solutions IP telephony succeeds traditional telephony Business connectivity via the internet Consistent customer experience everywhere Security for all applications and services Storage and networking at light speed Integrated IP Contact Center – CRM-integrated Multimedia Contact Centre – Speech-Recognising Self-Service – - Secure Data Center - Secure Branch connectivity – Secure Flexible Working – Personal Productivity – Secure Converged Small Office – Converged LAN – Server performance optimisation – Ethernet VPNs

5 Awards and Recognition #1 Dedicated SSL Hardware (Cotivity)Infonetics (02) #1 Service Provider CPE VPN (Contivity)SRG, (02) #1 Modular L3 Switch (PP 8600)Dell Oro Q4 02 #2 L2-7 Switching Dell Oro Q4 02 #3 High End Firewall (ASF)Infonetics Q4 02 #2 Fixed Gigabit Switching (BayStack) Dell Oro Q4 02 #1 Fixed L4-7 switch (Alteon) Dell Oro Q4 02

6 Enterprise Security Solutions High Security, High speed, High Profits

7 What is the Threat? Impact of the February 2000 targeted DoS attacks is estimated at $1.2 Billion (Yankee Group) Cost per incident high and rising SQL Slammer damage estimates already around US$1 billion NIMDA – over US$500 million Code Red – over US$2.5 billion Computer Crime and Security Survey 2002: 90% of respondents had been victimised by computer-related crime 80% acknowledged financial losses due to computer breaches 44% of these companies placed a dollar figure on their losses which averaged more than $400,000 80% of cyber crimes are not reported due to fear of bad publicity (FBI) Threat can be external and internal - 50% of attacks come from within an organisation (FBI) No control on who accesses the Internet Loss of Revenue and Productivity

8 Radius Server “Remote” Office Home Main Office Confidential Transit IPSec SSL MPLS ATM/FR Perimeter Defence ICSA Certified Stateful firewall Access Authentication Authorisation Intrusion detection Audit trail User records Configuration changes Desktop protection Logon and password Biometric Wireless key Performance Enhancers SSL Acceleration Web Balancing Unified Security Architecture - What security principles must be implemented WAN

9 Key Security Solution Customers Alteon Switched Firewall Alteon SSL Contivity

10 Secure Flexible Working

11 Employees looking for a positive balance between home and work “Connected” employees irrespective of location Employees working where they need to, not where they have to What are the forces of influence? Work becomes an activity not a location Broadband access is finally on a roll Wireless hotspots appearing in hotels, airports, retail outlets, etc Application convergence at the desktop

12 A Day in the Life of an Employee Head Office Managed Office Home Internet Cafe Roaming Hotel

13 Out of the Office In a hotel room, Airport or Café with Ethernet access (wireless or wired) Need to get on a conference call and access email at the same time

14 Managed Office Secure Remote Working Hotel CallPilot PC Client Contivity CSE 1000 Company office M-1 or BCM Intranet Nortel Secure Contivity Client Internet i2050 Wireless Hotspots Home A simple business case: Average ISDN charge for homeworker today = €350pm DSL charge today = €45pm 1 homeworker = Cash out saving of €3.6k per annum 100 homeworkers = Cash out saving of €360k per annum 1000 homeworkers = Cash out saving of €3.6m per annum

15 Making use of time Only access to the internet is from a kiosk or café

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