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JOSEPH IS SOLD INTO EGYPT Genesis 37. Map Here’s Joseph’s home Here’s where he was taken.

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2 Map Here’s Joseph’s home Here’s where he was taken

3 Joseph’s Background Story Joseph was 17 when his journey begins Jacob, also known as Israel, loved Joseph because he was a child of his old age  In other words, he was his youngest son Because he loved him, he gave him a long tunic  Think of him getting a new car while his brothers all got awful junk cars His brothers were jealous of him because their father loved him the most

4 Joseph’s Special Power First Dream:  Joseph and his brothers was binding sheaves in the fields and suddenly, his sheaf rose to an upright position, and his brothers’ sheaves formed a ring around his and bowed down to it  This dream made his brothers’ hate him more  “Are you really going to make yourself king over us? Or impose your rule on us?” Gen 37:8 Second Dream:  The sun and the moon and eleven stars were bowing down to Joseph.  His brothers were furious and started plotting against him--but they didn’t give the dreams a second thought  His father, Israel, was intrigued by Joseph’s dreams

5 Cont… His brothers decided that they would kill Joseph Then they changed their plot and chose, instead, to throw Joseph down a well After they tossed him in the well, they ate lunch While they were eating, a caravan of Ishmaelites came by One of the brothers thought that they should sell Joseph instead of just letting him die  Joseph was sold for twenty pieces of silver and taken to away

6 Cont cont…… Then the brothers took Joseph’s tunic (his special gift) and smeared it with goat’s blood Then they took the tunic and brought it to their father claiming that it had been found in the field Jacob then inferred that his beloved son, Joseph, had been killed Meanwhile…the caravan of Ishmaelites had sold Joseph to Potiphar, a courtier of Pharaoh and his chief steward

7 The Literal Sense Basically everything we just said How is God involved?  Joseph’s dreams were an act of God, telling him that he was special and he was meant to be a king.

8 Moral Sense Joseph’s brothers were jealous and they let their jealousy control them.  They plotted to kill him and ended up selling him as a slave.  They even lied to their father. We should not let our emotions control us

9 Allegorical Sense Joseph represents Jesus, and his brothers represent the same people that persecuted Jesus around the time of his death His own brothers sold him to a caravan to be treated as a slave, in the same way Jesus was given up to the Romans by his own people.

10 Anagogical Sense God saved Joseph God will always be there to save us, no matter the circumstances


12 Literal Sense Joseph was brought in as a slave to Egypt, and was sold to Potiphar Potiphar and Joseph got along very well, so Joseph was assigned to the household The household became prosperous because the Lord blessed the house for Joseph’s sake Potiphar’s wife wanted Joseph to lie with her, but he refused every time Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of trying to sleep with her, and Potiphar became enraged and threw Joseph in jail.

13 Moral Sense We should follow Joseph’s example and not give into temptation. Always trust in God, because whatever happens, happens for a reason

14 Anagogical Sense By following Joseph’s example, we can resist temptation—sin—and stay closer to God The closer we are to God, the closer we are to Heaven.

15 Allegorical Sense Joseph is like Jesus because even though Jesus was tempted, he still did not give in, just like how Joseph refused to give in.

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