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Painful Hip By : Haitham Mohammed.

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1 Painful Hip By : Haitham Mohammed

2 Seminar Guide lines 1. Recall Anatomy of the hip joint.
2. Causes of painful hip. 3. Diagnostic Approach.


4 Capsule Enclose the joint .
Attached medially to the acetabular labrum. Laterally to the intertrochantric line of the femur .

5 Type of the joint: Synovial ball and socket joint

6 Ligaments; Iliofemoral. Pubofemoral. Ischeofemoral
Trensverse acetabular. Ligament of Head of femur.

7 Iliofemoral A triangular ligament attached by its apex to the lower front spine of the ilium and rim of the acetabulum, and by its base to the front intertrochanteric line of the femur. Also called Y ligament, Y-shaped ligament. Function: Lateral band of iliofemoral ligament limits adduction. Medial band of iliofemoral ligament limits lateral rotation. Iliofemoral Ligament becomes taut in extension preventing the femur from moving past vertical position ( resists hyperextension)

8 Pubofemoral Limit the extension and abduction.
Traingular in shape. The base atteched to the superio ramus of the pubis and the apex to the lower part of the intertrochantric line. FUNCTION: Limit the extension and abduction.

9 Ischiofemoral Spiral in shape. Attached to the budy of the ischum to the greater trochanter. FUNCTION : Limit the extension

10 Transver acetabular Fromerd by acetabular labrum as its bridges the acetabular Notch. Convert the notch into tunnel through which the blood vessels and nerves enter the joint.

11 Ligament of the head of the femur
Flat and triangular. Apex attached to the fovea capitis. The base to the transver ligament and margine of the acetabular notch. Its ensheathed by synovial membrane.

12 NERVE SUPPLY : MOVEMENT: Femoral. Obturator. Sciatic.
Nerve to the Quadratu Femorus . MOVEMENT: Extention and flextion Abductuon and adduction Lateral and medial rotation circumduction

13 Causes of hip pain Arthritis >The most common cause of chronic hip pain(degeneration or the articular cartilage) Osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), post-traumatic arthritis, Hip fractures> Hip fractures are common in older women, especially those with osteoporosis. FEMORAL NECK FRACTURE,, INTERTROCHANTERIC FRACTURES,, SUBTROCHANTERIC FRACTURES Tendinitis >tendons can easily become inflamed if you overuse or participate in strenuous activities(runners)

14 Cont.. Avascular necrosis. Hip dislocation. Transient Synovities.
Perthes disease > disterbance of the blood supply to the epiphysis of Femoral head>> vascular necrosis.. TB. Primary bone tumer (uncommon)

15 How to Diagnose History Clinical Examination: - Physical examoination
- Special Testing - Neurological Examination Radiologic Investigation X-ray


17 Thank you  Referrances: Apleys Other websites Seniors..

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