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A History of Documentary and Photojournalistic Photography.

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1 A History of Documentary and Photojournalistic Photography

2 Bandits’ Roost, 59 1/2 Mulberry St, 1888, by Jacob Riis

3 Home of Italian Ragpicker, 1888, by Jacob Riis

4 Italians at Ellis Island, 1905 by Lewis Hine

5 Photos By Lewis Hine Covering Child Labor in the U.S.

6 Powerhouse Mechanic, 1920 by Lewis Hine

7 “Organ Grinder” by Eugene Atget, Paris, 1905

8 Rag Picker by Eugene Atget, 1908

9 Old Bridge Near Paris, Eugene Atget, 1915

10 Store Front, Eugene Atget, 1925

11 Lunch Counter, 1929 by Walker Evans

12 Graveyard, Steel Mill and Houses in Pittsburgh, 1935, by Walker Evans

13 Houses and Billboards, Atlanta, 1936

14 Garage, Somewhere in Alabama, by Walker Evans 1936

15 From Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, 1939, by Walker Evans and James Agee

16 “White Angel Bread Line”, 1936 by Dorothea Lange

17 Hoe Culture, Alabama, 1936 by D. Lange

18 Migrant Mother, California, 1936, by Lange

19 Plantation Overseer & His Field Hands, Near Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1936, by Lange

20 The Photography of Henri Cartier Bresson

21 “Gestapo Informer Accused,” Cartier-Bresson, 1945

22 Fort Peck Dam, 1st Cover of LIFE Magazine, 1936 by Margaret Bourke-White

23 Bread Line After Louisville Flood, 1936 by Margaret Bourke-White

24 Prisoners at Buchenwald, 1945 by Margaret Bourke-White

25 Three Members of a Nazi Family Who Poisioned Themselves, 1945 by Margaret Bourke-White

26 German Civilians Made to Face Their Nation’s Crimes, 1945 by Margaret Bourke-White

27 Concentration Camp Victims by Bourke-White,’45

28 Marine Finds a Dying Baby, 1944 by W. Eugene Smith

29 Eugene Smith, Marine with Canteen

30 “Walk to Paradise Garden”, 1946, by E. Smith

31 One Photo From Smith's Photo Essay The Country Doctor for Life Magazine

32 The Photography of Robert Frank

33 William Seaman’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo Minneapolis Tribune, 1959

34 Suspected Viet Cong, Saigon, Feb. 1, 1968 by Eddie Adams

35 Photo by Kevin Carter, 1993, Sudan, Africa

36 Pulitizer Prize Winning Photo of Elian Gonzalez By AP Photographer Alan DiazAP Photographer Alan Diaz

37 Cheryl Delgado is learning to deal with her 18-year-old daughter, Sarah, turning into a woman. This must be the hardest stage of motherhood and I really thank them for letting me into their lives. (from site covering best of photojournalism)site covering best of photojournalism)

38 Sebastiao Salgado Exhibit - Children

39 Migration in South America, Salgado, 1999

40 Inventor of the Electronic Strobe - Dr. Harold Edgerton, 1903 - 1990

41 Milk Drop Experiment

42 Golf Swing



45 A Serve in Tennis

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