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Welcome To 7th Grade Life Science

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1 Welcome To 7th Grade Life Science
Ms. Lee’s Class C-24


3 Getting Familiar With The Routine
Agenda: Agenda/Warm-up Getting To Know Each Other Self Portrait and Information Activity Card Activity Warm-up: List five things you are interested in science. Tell me in your own words what does a goal mean to you. How important are goals? (What are goals used for?) What do you expect out of a good teacher, explain in detail. Write me one-to-two paragraphs about when you worked really hard to accomplish something. How did you work for that goal? How did you feel when you made your goal?

4 Rules and Procedures Be Respectful
Take out your notebook and begin Agenda and Warm-up before the tardy bell Put things away and treat stuff nicely Don’t get out of your seat Work well in a group, say only positive things No GUM, EATING, or DRINKING in class No electronics, will be sent up to the office

5 Seating Chart Take a card at your seat
When told to do so find your opposite card (pair) - For example 2 of hearts goes with 2 of Diamonds - 3 of Clubs goes with 3 of 3 of Spades Introduce yourself to your partner Seating chart will be arranged from there

6 Hardest Test of the Year
Take out a piece of paper and a pen/pencil First test of the year Title your paper “Teacher” Don’t be scared this will be the hardest test of the year because you haven’t prepared. Answer the questions with careful thought. For full credit you have to attempt to answer all questions. Are you ready, here we go!!!

7 Questions Where was I born? What does my father do for a living?
How many brothers/sisters do I have, if any? Do I have any pets? Where did I go to college? How old am I? (Be nice!!!) What is my favorite color? Do I play sports or am I a girlie girl? Am I married? Is this my first year teaching?

8 Getting to know “YOU”!!! Get a scratch paper and practice your page.
Your paper needs the following: a. A heading with your name b. Self Portrait b. Three additional drawings of things important to you c. Descriptions in words and sentences explaining any information about you, hobbies, pets, family, sports, ect.

9 Getting to know “You” Now raise your hand and I will give you a paper to make a final draft Make sure it is Colorful, and creative Don’t write on the back of the paper, we will be using this portion at the end of the year We will be making a class book with all your information

10 Getting to know your Classmates
Now get with a partner (you don’t know) and talk about your pages. Write five things that you have in common on a separate paper Write five different things you learned about your partner We will then have everybody introduce their partner to the class

11 Card Activity This is for me, I want to know the best way to help you succeed Get a 3 x 5 card Write your name large on the front of the card On the back answer the following questions with GREAT DETAIL

12 Card Questions What do you expect to learn in life science?
In the past, who is your favorite teacher? Why was he/she your favorite teacher? Think back to a lesson where you learned a lot, what did you do that made you remember this lesson? Put the following in order according to your favorite activity: drawing, coloring, singing, counting, reading, acting, physical activity (sports, hiking, swimming etc.) Discuss as a class!!

13 Book Review I will assign people two groups at a time to get a book
With your partner scan the book and find three things that you will like to learn in this class. Find two lessons or units that you may think will be hard or harder to learn. How do you think you can learn the hard material? When do you feel like giving up on the lesson being taught? Give me an example in the past. What do you expect the teacher to do to help you? We will discuss a s a class, all the answers.

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