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 Lanark Grammar Parent Presentation 2014/15. Background  Rationale  Development  Where we are now.

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1  Lanark Grammar Parent Presentation 2014/15

2 Background  Rationale  Development  Where we are now

3 Evaluation  Increase in assemblies  Views of S5 pupils  Assessment Diet  S4 Focus Groups  Parent Presentation

4 What we will cover  Setting the scene – where you revise  How do I study?  Who can help?  Last minute preparation

5 Study, what’s the point?  Better grades and perhaps more qualifications.  College, university or a training place.  Access to an apprenticeship which requires specific grades or qualifications.  Wider job opportunities and career or further education options with good prospects

6 Where to Revise? Have a think about each of the three questions below? 1. Where do you study at the moment? 2. What are the good points about this place? 3. What are the bad points about this place?

7 Where to Revise  A room where you can be on your own.  Somewhere with a desk or table and chair.  A fixed place  Somewhere with space for you to store your folders/textbooks and for notes to be spread out.  Make sure you have enough paper, pens, pencils, ruler, etc. before you start.  Water to drink and fruit to eat.

8 Getting started  30 – 50 minute periods with 10-15 minute breaks  Study when you are at your best  Focus on every class not just what you enjoy and can do  Be flexible

9 Studying  Get into a routine, getting started is the hardest part.  Be active  It sounds obvious but make sure you have all the notes  Distractions!

10 Excuses, excuses, excuses

11 Studying Good notes  Rewrite notes  Diagrams / Charts  Bullet points or Lists  Mindmaps or Spider Diagrams  Make notes colourful/Make use of a highlighter

12 Studying Targets  Make them small (bitesize)  Make them measureable  Make them achievable All of these should be with a long term target in mind.

13 Studying How we learn  Visual  Auditory  Kinaesthetic

14 Studying How we learn Visual Learner Take notes, make lists. Watch videos. Use flashcards. Use highlighters, circle words, underline. Diagram sentences! Is good at spelling but forgets names. Needs quiet study time. Has to think awhile before understanding a lesson. Likes colors & fashion. Understands/likes charts.

15 Studying How we learn Auditory Learner Using word association to remember facts and lines. Watching videos. Repeating facts with eyes closed. Participating in group discussions. Taping notes after writing them. Likes to read to self out loud. Is not afraid to speak in class. Is good at explaining. Remembers names. Enjoys music. Is good at grammar and foreign language. Reads slowly. Follows spoken directions well. Enjoys acting, being on stage. Is good in study groups.

16 Studying How we learn Kinaesthetic Learner Studying in short blocks. Studying with others. Using memory games. Using flash cards to memorise. Using wall displays. Taking field trips, visiting museums. Is good at sports. Can't sit still for long. Does not have great handwriting. Takes breaks when studying. Is involved in martial arts, dance. Is fidgety during class.

17 Studying Memory  Acronym  Acrostic  Rhymes

18 Studying Understanding the Question  Read the question  Use Past paper examples  Read it again

19 Studying Know what has to be studied  Listen to your teachers  Make a list for each subject  Traffic light each area

20 Studying Stress  You’re not on your own  Eat sensibly  Exercise  Sleep  Be realistic

21 Studying The internet  Fantastic resource  Be disciplined

22 Night Before  Double check the time and place of the exam  Clothes  Don’t stay up all night ‘cramming’. You need to be relaxed, fresh and alert.  Get organised by packing your bag with: Pens/Pencils/Calculator/Notes/Water  Alarm clock/Sleep

23 On the Day  Give yourself enough time  Breakfast  Get to where the exam is early  Be positive  It’s about what you’ve done not everyone else  Don’t take in anything you shouldn’t

24 Exam Tips  Write down any important information, that you may forget, at the beginning of the exam.  Read the questions. Make sure you know what is being asked.  Assume the examiner knows nothing.  Show your working  Watch your handwriting.  Don’t panic if your mind goes blank.  Use all your time.

25 Question Time  When did you start studying?  How did your prelim performance compare with your final exam result?  Do I go to tutor on the day of my exam?  What subject was hardest to study for? Why?  How did you study for National 5’s when there wasn’t a lot of resources?  How did you study? Have you changed this now you are in 5 th year?

26 Who can help?  Teachers  Parents / Guardians  Friends  Relations  Library / Internet  Brothers and Sisters

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