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Computer Science 130.17 Powerpoint Presentation Trish Moran

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2 Computer Science 130.17 Powerpoint Presentation Trish Moran

3 Welcome to the World Of Al Mac Innis...

4 Baby Allan... n Allan is the pride of Port Hood, N.S. n He was born on July 11, 1963 to Alex and Annie Mae Mac Innis. n Al grew up along with 5 brothers and 2 sisters in this little town (Pop.800)

5 Young Mac Innis... n Al played minor hockey in the local area but at at the age of 14 moved to Regina to play at the Junior A Level. n He then moved on to the Kitchener Rangers of the OHL.

6 Rich Al... n In 1981 Al was then drafted 1st round (15th overall) by the Calgary flames of the NHL. He had finally made the big league!

7 Lord Stanley... n On May 25,1989 Al won the Stanley Cup vs. the Montreal Canadiens! n He also took home the Conn Smythe Trophy for being the playoffs Most Valuable Player!

8 The Pride Of Port Hood... n That summer Port Hood honored Allan by celebrating “Al Mac Innis Day”. We had a parade, autograph signing session and a great dinner and dance that evening. Allan was in attendance and over 800 people came out to congradulate him on his success.

9 The Big Shot... n Ever since he entered the league Allan has had the reputation of one of the hardest shots of all time. It was recently clocked at 100.4 mph and he has won the hardest shot competition 4 times. Al practised his shot as a kid against the barn door in Port Hood.

10 The Trade... n to the St. Louis In 1994, Al was traded Blues n He is now closing in on career point 1000. n Al also played in his 9th NHL All Star Game in January 98 n He became the 122nd player to play in 1000 NHL games.

11 n Al’s most significant accompolishment will be in February 1998, when he will travel to Japan to represent Canada on the Olympic Hockey Team! Olympic Al...

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