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Chapter 2 Section 1 Review: Properties of Minerals.

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1 Chapter 2 Section 1 Review: Properties of Minerals

2 What are the five characteristics of a mineral? 1.__________________________________ 2.__________________________________ 3.__________________________________ 4.__________________________________ 5.__________________________________

3 What is the difference between organic and inorganic? Organic means “of living things.” In means not. So, inorganic means not made from living things.

4 Directions: Fill in the missing mineral properties (color, streak, luster, hardness, density, crystal structure, cleavage, fracture, or special properties). You may use some more than once. 3. A mineral that splits easily along flat surfaces 4. Number and angle of crystal faces 5. Mass per unit volume 6. Glow when placed under ultraviolet light 7. Perform a scratch test 8. How light is reflected from a mineral’s surface 9. Describes how a mineral looks when it breaks apart in an irregular way 10. magnetic 11. Terms used include metallic, glassy, earthy, silky, waxy, and pearly 12. Observe surface of mineral 13. Color of its powder 14. mass/volume Cleavage Crystal Structure Density Special Properties Hardness Luster Fracture Special Properties luster color streak density

5 15. On the Mohs hardness scale the softest mineral is __________________. 16. On the Mohs hardness scale the hardest mineral is _________________.

6 15. How does a geode form? 1.A crack or hollow forms in a rock. 2.Water containing dissolved minerals seeps into the rock or hollow in the rock. 3.Crystallization slowly occurs, lining the inside with large crystals. 4.The geode is now complete!

7 16. What are three ways minerals form? 1. Organic processes 2. Crystallize from materials that are dissolved in solutions 3. Minerals crystallize as magma and lava and cool.

8 17. What is crystallization? A process by which Atoms are arranged to form a material that has a crystal structure. 18. how is the mineral halite formed? Halite is formed over millions of years when ancient seas slowly evaporated. 19. What is a vein? A vein is a narrow channel or slab of a mineral that is different from the surrounding rock.

9 20. Name THREE things that affect crystal size. 1. The rate at which the magma cools. 2. The amount of gas the magma contains. 3. The chemical composition of the magma. 21. When lava cools quickly the crystal size is _______________ 22. When magma cools slowly the crystal size is _________________ – 23. What is ore? Ore is a deposit of valuable minerals contained in a rock.

10 Mohs hardness scale

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