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Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program Business Customer Offerings.

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1 Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program Business Customer Offerings

2 Program Details Provides rebates for energy efficient equipment and services Rates 4 or 74 qualify Current Program runs through May 31 or until funds are exhausted - applications must be submitted by June 30, 2011

3 Business Customer Program Qualification Requirements: – Must purchase and install eligible equipment – Must submit complete applications and necessary documentation within the program’s effective dates – All trade allies can participate Sample Business Customer Segments: Restaurants Offices Hotel/Hospitality Grocery Retail School/University Assembly Industrial Hospital/ Institutional

4 Equipment Rebate Amount Measure-Specific Requirements Small Water Heater Energy Factor >/= 0.67 $100  New equipment must meet ENERGY STAR standards with an Energy Factor >/= 0.67  For residential-sized hot water heater with storage installed in non- residential space, tankless not eligible. Large Water Heater Thermal Efficiency >/= 88% $150  Commercial sized hot water heater with storage installed in non- residential space.  New equipment must have a Thermal Efficiency >/= 88% with an Input Capacity >/= 75 MBTUH Business Customer Program – Domestic Hot Water End use must be domestic hot water only, space heating and process end uses are not eligible

5 Business Customer Program – Space Heating Equipment Rebate Amount Measure-Specific Requirements Furnace AFUE >/= 92% $200  For residential-sized furnaces installed in small non-residential space for space heating use.  New equipment must be ENERGY STAR rated with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency >/= 92% or >/= 95% and an Input Capacity between 60 - 140 MBTUH  Rebate level based on AFUE rating and paid per unit installed. Furnace AFUE >/= 95% $250 Boiler Thermal Efficiency >/= 85% $2/MBTUH  For commercial-sized hot water boiler (no storage) installed in non- residential space for space heating use.  New equipment must have a Thermal Efficiency >/= 85% or and >/= 90% and an Input Capacity >/= 300 MBTUH.  Rebate level based on Thermal Efficiency rating and paid on Input Capacity in MBTUH. Boiler Thermal Efficiency >/= 90% $4/MBTUH End use must be space heating only, domestic hot water and process end uses are not eligible

6 Equipment Rebate Amount Measure-Specific Requirements Low Flow Pre-Rinse Sprayer $25  New sprayer must have a flow rate </= 1.25 gpm at 60 psi  Only single valve sprayers are eligible. Business Customer Program – Food Service Rebate only available for replacement of existing equipment in a commercial-use kitchen Note: Manufacturer product specification sheet is required for this measure

7 Business Customer Program- Boiler Controls Equipment Rebate Amount Measure-Specific Requirements Auto-Reset Control $250  Control must result in an Output Temperature Range >/= 10⁰F.  Must automatically control boiler output water temperature setpoint based on outdoor air temperature, manual controls are not eligible.  Eligible boiler limited to Input Capacity >/= 100 MBTUH  Rebate paid on a per unit basis. Steam Traps$50  New or repaired steam traps must replace/repair existing steam traps, one for one and installed at the site address reported on the application.  Rebate paid on a per steam trap basis. New equipment should retrofit existing boiler systems for non-residential use

8 Business Customer Program - Boiler Tune Up Boiler Tune Up Rebate Amount - $350/boiler Required Tune Up Checklist Measure combustion efficiency using an electronic flue gas analyzer. Adjust airflow and reduce excessive stack temperatures. Adjust burner and gas input, manual or motorized draft control. Clean burners, combustion chamber and fire- side exchange surface. Inspect and clean burner nozzles. Check for proper venting. Complete visual inspection of system piping and insulation. Check safety controls. Boiler Input Capacity >/= 300 MBTUH Boiler must be at least 2 years old Must include a copy of the Combustion Test Analyzer documentation Tune up service must be completed by a Professional Contractor Can only be claimed once per boiler, per program cycle.

9 Promotions running February 15 – April 30: – Application Amnesty Now accepting rebate applications for equipment installed within 120 days (normally 60 days) – Easy App Service Free service will complete and submit your application for you Visit for details! Current Promotions

10 Custom Rebate Program For gas-saving projects not addressed by the Business Customer Rebate program - examples: Boiler burner replacements Boiler controls Heat recovery – Stack economizer – Custom designed heat recovery Air handling units Space heaters

11 Custom Rebate Program Commercial Business customers only Requires program evaluation and pre-approval before an incentive can be offered to the customer Customer-developed gas-savings calculations per project – Project pre- and post- installation inspection and measurements Rebates based on $0.75 or $1/therm saved, up to $100,000 or 30% of the incremental project cost

12 What’s coming June 1 st ?

13 Additional Prescriptive Measures Per filing (subject to change): Similar measures to existing Program Condensing unit heaters - $200 Boilers < 300 MBTUH; All boilers - $400-7,500 Controls – Programmable thermostat - $25 Kitchen equipment: – Steamers, ovens, broilers, etc. - $25-1,400

14 Changes to Custom Program Per filing (subject to change): Program will co-fund the cost of an energy assessment Increased incentives in years 2 & 3: – $1.25 per therm – Up to $150,000 per site per year

15 Program Contact Information Commercial Business Program: John Mansfield 312-755-9020 x3012

16 Program Introduction

17 Program Transition - Chicagoland The Chicagoland Small Business Direct Install is currently fully subscribed. The Chicagoland Multi-Family Direct Install program is nearly subscribed, and will provide rebates for installations through May 31, 2011. The Chicagoland Prescriptive Rebate, Custom and RetroCommissioning programs will provide rebates for installations through May 31, 2011 see details at SB 1918 programs apply to C&I measures installed on June 1 or thereafter.

18 Prescriptive – move market for condensing boilers, furnaces Residential Overview: 4 Core Programs (as filed) MeasurePeoplesNS Boilers ≥ 300 Mbtu ≥ 85% TE $2/Mbtu Boilers ≥ 300 Mbtu ≥ 90% TE $4/Mbtu Boilers ≤ 300 MBtu ≥ 90% AFUE $500 $350 Boilers ≤ 300 MBtu ≥ 95% AFUE $600 $450 Boiler Reset Controls $100 Furnaces ≤ 225 MBtu ≥ 92% AFUE $350 $200 Furnaces ≤ 225 MBtu ≥ 95% AFUE $400 $250

19 Multifamily – Direct install, opportunities for Envelope/HVAC retrofits (jointly delivered with ComEd) – 3+ unit buildings – Central and Single HVAC Systems – Great opportunity to offer FREE services to you Multi-Family customer! Behavior Change – comparative reports, advice to homeowners Whole House Existing Homes – retrofits for homes, air sealing, insulation, HVAC upgrades Residential Overview:

20 Prescriptive – boiler tune ups, steam trap repair/replacement, boiler reset controls, condensing furnaces / boilers, etc. C&I Overview: 4 Core Programs MeasureIncentive Boilers ≥ 300 Mbtu ≥ 85% TE $2/Mbtu Boilers ≥ 300 Mbtu ≥ 90% TE $4/Mbtu Boilers ≤ 300 MBtu ≥ 90% AFUE $500 Boiler Cutout /Reset Controls $250 Steam Trap Repair/Replacement $60 Furnaces ≤ 225 MBtu ≥ 92% AFUE $225 Furnaces ≤ 225 MBtu ≥ 95% AFUE $400 Programmable Thermostat $40

21 Custom – heat recovery, process changes, controls, building envelope, etc. ……requires PRE APPROVAL Capital investment is required $1.00/ therm saved in the first year Simple payback must be one year or greater before the incentive is applied Measure must NOT qualify for a prescriptive incentive Small Business –direct install measures combined with mix of prescriptive and custom projects. Intensive assistance on back end to help customer with bids, follow through to implement (jointly delivered with ComEd) C&I Overview: 4 Core Programs

22 Small Business Energy Efficiency Services New for PY4 Pilot program had positive results Who Qualifies? ComEd 0 – 100 kW Commercial Demand North Shore / Peoples Gas – SC2 Individually owned businesses – No corporately managed businesses – Franchisees must make all decisions locally – Owners cannot own more than 10 businesses Mfg, Retail, Non-profit, Restaurant, Office

23 Interested? 50-70% of EE Measure cost is paid to the contractor - payment in 30 days Great filler in-between larger projects, or a niche market Program generated leads 877-548-6725

24 Retro Commissioning – studies to look at facility operation, sequencing, controls and uncover natural gas and electric saving opportunities (jointly delivered with ComEd) C&I Overview: 4 Core Programs

25 Focus on maximizing incentive program offerings: – These programs can be used for genuine business purposes, make it part of your day-to-day activities – They can help your customers – Help strengthen business relations – Think strategically and creatively Think Progressively!

26 “Selling” Incentives Commoditizes your business to the lowest cost to the customer Doesn’t create solutions – Make sure it’s what the customer needs Takes the eyes off the prize – Highlight the benefits of the technology, SERVICE, etc., Incentives come along for the ride. We still want the sales process in play – Newness of the program – Customer needs to trust you Do not over promise $, too hard to go back, wait for program confirmation

27 Expectations Offer energy efficiency as a viable solution to your customers. Use pre-approved equipment lists on Program sites. Follow the Program Terms and Conditions. Quality installations with quality products that deliver true energy savings. Properly document project with invoices, specification sheets and other supporting material. – Complete applications will speed the payment process. – Customer Signatures!

28 FRANKLIN ENERGY Aron Jarr, Trade Ally Manager Phone: 262-284-3838, Cell: 920-838-2997 Marcia Foelker, Trade Ally Liaison Phone: 262-786-1287, Cell: 262-470-9033 Glen Maxam, Trade Ally Liaison Cell:630-742-4669 Contacts Franklin Energy Chicago Office 5450 N. Cumberland – Suite 125 Chicago, IL 60656 Phone: 312-878-0038

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