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SCHOOLS VOLLEYBALL BUSINESS/IMPLEMENATIN PLAN aligned to 5-year Strategic and Development Strategy 2011-2012 Aligned to the VSA LTPD Strategy.

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1 SCHOOLS VOLLEYBALL BUSINESS/IMPLEMENATIN PLAN aligned to 5-year Strategic and Development Strategy 2011-2012 Aligned to the VSA LTPD Strategy

2 a. Introduction: VSA b. Current: Schools Volleyball Strategic Planning Update/Progress c. Vision/New: Proposed Plan 2010-2012 d. Conclusion

3  National Executive Committee o Director: Schools Volleyball  Provincial Committees o 9 Provinces affiliated with development & league structures  Schools Sport Structures to be included into Provincial Executive Committee Structures (primary and high schools) o AGM held on 29 th November 2010: The following provinces have established their School Volleyball Provincial Structures: Gauteng, Western Province, Northern Cape, Limpopo. o Outstanding due to be finalized by 31 st March 2011. This period will also be utilized to verify all structures as per the School Sport Policy.

4 o Utilized 5-year VSA Strategic and Development Strategy o Utilized South African map for each province to identify current programs and new programs planned for period January – June 2011. Focus is on cluster programs. o The alignment with the White Paper is critical and therefore the following provinces have been identified as focus areas: Northern Cape, North-West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Eastern Cape. o Programs as per the 5-year plan addresses access, mass participation, education & training, and transformation.


6  The 5-year Strategic and Development Strategy started in 2009 and was distributed and presented to provinces in September 2009.  The provision of the Draft School Sport Policy by government provided a much stable environment since no strategy can be implemented unless there is a good governance system with strong leadership involved.  This Business/Implementation Plan is based on the 5-year Strategic and Development Strategy.  Very important is that all schools development will and should be aligned to the Volleyball South Africa LONG TERM PARTICIPANT DEVELOPMENT (LTPD) STRATEGY.  Includes Indoor as well as Beach Volleyball

7 Volleyball SA ProvincesSchoolsCommunitiesClubs

8 NATIONAL Provincial Age Groups Competitions only U/18 and U/21 International (ISF) PROVINCIAL Clubs Schools Development Programs LOCAL /SCHOOL Only 4 provinces active Local Government/ NGOs Programs


10 DEVELOPMENT & PROMOTION STRATEGY 1 st draft discussed at IPT Information Session held on 25 th September 2009 and submitted to provinces thereafter. The program implementation/Plan of Action – is based on the 5 year strategy and informed by reports submitted by provincial structures at the VSA 2010 Annual General Meeting.

11 1. a,b,c ”DIG IT” Mini Volleyball at primary school 2. ”Spike It” at high school 3. From clubs to schools  Primary School (6 to 10 years)  Secondary School (11 to 18)  Link to existing projects and development programs  Department of Education: Life Orientation and Sport Programs  Physical Education

12 NATIONAL Provincial Age Groups (primary & high) increase to U16, 18 & 21) National & International PROVINCIAL Schools & Clubs Schools Development Programs LOCAL /SCHOOL Dig-It & Spike-It programs District, Local Government & NGOs Programs

13  Structure: National with mentorship for all provinces  Coaching (start with Cap Level 1 and evaluation will identify candidates for higher levels of training)  Technical (referees: all levels)  Administration & Management Capacity Building: i. Club/organizational administration ii. Team Management iii. PR, Marketing & Branding iv. Events Management v. Community & Sport Development

14 1. Submission of Business Plan and Budget to SRSATuesday, 30 November 2010 2. Election of provincial and national structuresMarch-April 2011 3. Planning Workshop /”Unpacking the Strategic Plan”April 2011 4. Provincial Visits /Road Shows (clusters)February – April 5. Schools Provincial ActivitiesMarch – September 2011/2012 6. Inter-Provincial Indoor Volleyball TournamentSeptember 2011/2012 7. International Schools Volleyball ISF Events, Puerto RicoJuly 2011/2012 8. Beach VolleyballNov-Dec 2011/2012 9. Top Schools Tournaments (age groups)March/April 2012 10. International Schools Volleyball ISF EventsJuly 2012

15 i. Submit provincial contact details with Executive Committees profiles to VSA ii. Confirm provincial committees or date to be elected and submit detailed plan for 2011 iii. Elect national structure after 31 March 2011 – Guided by the School Sport Policy

16 i. Provinces to confirm dates by 31 st March 2011 ii. Invite all districts, Sports Council, Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport, club representatives, local government, etc. iii. Workshop preparation is a partnership!! iv. Forms part of broader consultation, PR, Marketing & Branding of the sport

17 i. 2-day workshop to further unpack the Strategic, Business and LTPD Plans. ii. Provincial planning critical to ensure an informative and successful workshop.

18 i. Governance systems ii. Full-time Human Resources iii. Project management approach versus main stream operations iv. Stakeholder involvement at provincial level v. Financial support vi. Principals, learners and educators participation vii. Technical co-ordination (full-time at provincial level) viii. Facilitators and volunteers (administration, facilities management, training and development, events management, etc.) ix. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (to include a balance scorecard)

19  Evaluate number of participants and levels of satisfaction  To include but not restricted: i. Focus groups ii. Visual material (photos, video footage) iii. Online web count iv. Provincial meetings v. Events based assessments (e.g. questionnaires) vi. Quarterly provincial reports (technical, practical, training and development and events) vii. Target groups (learners, educators, coaches, administrators, volunteers and family members)

20  Sport & Rec S.A./ NLDTF50%  Volleyball South Africa20%  Provincial Dept of Sport30%  Corporate? % SUCCESS=100%

21  Strategy takes care of broad areas, excluding detailed project plans. This to be developed by the implementation team with focus on provincial representatives.  Project time lines agreed by all stakeholders and to be the same for all province to facilitate good implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  Focus is on mass participation ultimately applying the LTPD principles of volleyball as outlined by our recently prepared and due to be published book.  Focus on development however ensure a path to high performance programs at school, provincial and national levels.  Programs to be integrated with the proposed and VSA Development Center

22 “There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity” Douglas MacArthur

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