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Working with Young People Training Event for YOS and Probation Staff in Oxon.

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1 Working with Young People Training Event for YOS and Probation Staff in Oxon

2 Training outcomes To understand each others service and systems To understand the importance and advantages of transferring and sharing information To increase understanding of how to engage with young people

3 Age Range Agency Responsibilities Age Range Probation 18+ Youth Offending Service 10 years to 18 – post conviction (18+ if subject to DTO) 8 years – 15 years for prevention services

4 YOS Sentencing Framework Agency Responsibilities YOS Sentencing Framework (old)

5 YOS Sentencing Framework Agency Responsibilities YOS Sentencing Framework

6 Adult Sentencing Framework Agency Responsibilities Adult Sentencing Framework

7 MAPPA/MARAC Agency Responsibilities MAPPA/MARAC YOS MAPPA - Duty to cooperate MARAC - Screen listings and return information Oxon Missing Children Panel - Attend Probation MAPPA – Co-chair & Responsible Authority MARAC - Attend Oxon Missing Children Panel – Do not attend

8 Offender Assessment Agency Responsibilities Offender Assessment YOS ASSET ONSET Probation OASys SARA Risk Matrix 2000

9 Youth Offending Service Multi-Agency team. Statutory involvement required from Police, Probation, Social Care, Education and Health YOS have – victim services, reparation co- ordinators, parenting workers, substance misuse workers, a mental health link worker (CAMHS), three half time pct nurses, education specialists, social workers, volunteers, connexions, restorative justice, bail support workers, intensive supervision and surveillance workers and access to mentoring and counselling, positive activities & youth work services.

10 Probation Service Single Agency Probation have – victim services, unpaid work, substance misuse team, programmes, a psychologist, ETE workers, restorative justice, court team, approved premises, PPO/IOM workers, Probation Officers, Probation Service Officers Probation work in partnership with statutory and voluntary services

11 Exercise 1 – National Standards Get into mixed groups and compare the National Standards for each agency

12 Similarities National Standards Similarities Breach after 2 unacceptable failures Review/update OASys/Asset regularly and in the event of a change in circumstances Prepare sentence plan within 15 days of sentence/release Tiered approach to levels of contact

13 Differences National Standards Differences YOS complete a Healthcare Assessment alongside the Sentence Plan YOS most intensive “tier” is 3 contacts a week for 12 weeks and then weekly thereafter. Probation most intensive “tier” is 4 contacts per week until further notice (PPOs). YOS review ASSET every 3 months Probation review OASys every 4 months

14 Exercise 2 – Asset & OASys Get into mixed groups and compare the Asset and OASys for the DD-V case study

15 What does a YOS file contain?

16 Exercise 3 Q&A? Get into mixed groups and discuss why you have previously not asked for/not offered this information

17 Case Transfer Policy It is 44 pages long! YOT case managers should inform TVP at least three months prior to the anticipated transfer date All cases being transferred must include at least one three way meeting between the transferring YOT case manager, receiving TVP offender manager and the young person. At the point of transfer documents/information must be sent to TVP

18 Case Transfer Policy Upon notification from the YOT, TVP will allocate the case prior to the formal transfer, to allow the new supervising officer to attend any relevant meetings and liaise with the YOT Officer. In all appropriate cases TVP staff should be invited to any reviews, MAPPA meetings, Child in Care Reviews and professional meetings etc during the 3 month period leading up to transfer. Where the young person is LAC or a Care Leaver, the allocated social worker must be invited to all meeting between YOT & TVP.

19 Exercise 4 – Good Practice in Case Transfer Get into mixed groups and devise an “Action Plan” for improving case transfer

20 Increasing Engagement of Young People

21 What are YOU going to do differently in future? Answers on a postcard......................

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