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Class Business Blog expectations. Class Business Survey Results.

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1 Class Business Blog expectations

2 Class Business Survey Results

3 Times are changing!

4 20 th Century vs. 21 st Century Education Time-based Focus: memorization of discrete facts Lessons focus on the lower level of Bloom’s Taxonomy – knowledge, comprehension and application. Textbook-driven Passive learning Learners work in isolation – classroom within 4 walls Outcome-based Focus: what students Know, Can Do and Are Like after all the details are forgotten. Learning is designed on upper levels of Blooms’ – synthesis, analysis and evaluation (and include lower levels as curriculum is designed down from the top.) Research-driven Active Learning Learners work collaboratively with classmates and others around the world – the Global Classroom

5 Teacher-centered: teacher is center of attention and provider of information Little to no student freedom Grades averaged Teacher is judge. No one else sees student work. Curriculum/School is irrelevant and meaningless to the students. Literacy is the 3 R’s – reading, writing and math Student-centered: teacher is facilitator/coach Great deal of student freedom Integrated and Interdisciplinary curriculum Grades based on what was learned Self, Peer and Other assessments. Public audience, authentic assessments. Curriculum is connected to students’ interests, experiences, talents and the real world. Multiple literacies of the 21st century – aligned to living and working in a globalized new millennium 20th Century vs. 21st Century Education

6 The way we communicate is changing!

7 What is Web 2.0? does not refer to an update of software or equipment refers to changes in the ways software developers and end-users use the websoftware developersend-users

8 the “old” Internet –static – publisher/creator maintains control of content –not interactive – users visit websites to retrieve information, check for updates, etc. What is Web 2.0?

9 It encourages… –collaboration –creativity –communication It challenges… –authority –ownership The “Read/Write” web is interactive. Some old: e-mail, chat, forums Some new: Weblogs (blogs), wikis, podcasts, social networking sites (MySpace), web-based office applications (Google docs), RSS feeds

10 What does this mean for our classrooms? What is Web 2.0?

11 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) The “old” Internet –users visited every web site from which they wanted to retrieve information –information linked to programming code Web 2.0 –information is free from programming code –content can be collected and compiled from multiple sites using an RSS aggregator Netvibes Google Reader

12 RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

13 What is a wiki? A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language] Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites.Web pages markup language collaborativewebsites »Wikipedia, January 15, 2009 "Wiki" (/wi ː ki ː /) is a Hawaiian word for "fast"/wi ː ki ː /Hawaiian

14 What is a wiki?

15 Group projects: Students work together in one place to research, outline, draft, and edit projects within the wiki Assignments: Post homework, course materials, study guides, and more. Resource Collections: Organize articles, websites, videos, and other resources for students Peer Review: Post questions for student brainstorming, or have students post papers for peer feedback Group FAQ: Students and/or teachers post and respond to questions on a given topic Parent Involvement: Give parents a chance to be a part of the classroom and stay up to date on classroom news and events Online Newspaper: Create a student-published online newspaper How can wikis be used in the classroom?

16 Wiki Examples - Students

17 Wiki Examples - Teachers

18 Your Wiki Portfolio

19 How do I set up my wiki? Wikispaces PB Wiki WetPaint

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