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Strathmore School. STD 6 2015 CAT 1: 369 CAT 2: project STD 6 2014 CAT 1: 369 CAT 2: 379.

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1 Strathmore School

2 STD 6 2015 CAT 1: 369 CAT 2: project STD 6 2014 CAT 1: 369 CAT 2: 379

3 STD 6 2015 Chatty Many errors, assumptions Forgetfulness Procrastination Many read novels Love sports and outings United CLASS ATMOSPHERE

4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Sons Improve Study Habits and Study Skills MOTIVATING STUDENTS AT EVERY LEVEL

5 How to Study The key to remembering what you study is to move information from the temporary short-term memory to the long-term memory Students must study so that they can be better prepared for the many tests they'll be faced with Good Study Habits

6 Make sure that he completes all homework assignments and course readings Studying should be a higher priority than any other activity (watching TV, talking with friends on the phone, extracurricular activities, etc.) Use television creatively, selecting videos or educational programs Good Study Habits

7 Give him a choice in when, where and how he completes assignments Encourage him to ask questions when a concept is not understood Make appointments with subject teachers, tutors Set aside some time for him to share his learning with you, and be there to provide assistance when you're needed. Support and praise him when he completes homework assignments Never use homework as a form of punishment Good Study Habits Make homework and studying easier for your son to complete

8 Make sure he gets plenty of rest and exercise, along with providing him with healthy foods Take care of those basic needs (routines) so that he can concentrate better Good Study Habits Take good care of your son

9 Make sure that stationery like paper, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, erasers, resource books, a calculator, rulers, and glue are easy to find and use He should not waste time searching for books and other items when he could be focused on his studies Good Study Habits Have all of the necessary supplies on hand

10 Set a goal of studying a disliked or hard subject for 20 minutes and then taking a 3 min break Good Study Habits Figure out ways to make subjects more managable

11 It has been proven that short bursts of concentration repeated frequently are more effective than one long session of concentration Those rest periods allow the brain to assimilate any new information learned Studying for hours on end is not only boring, it also fatigues and stresses his body and mind Good Study Habits Always have your son take short breaks when they are studying

12 Help him to develop possible test questions as he prepares for upcoming exams Quiz him on the material that will be coming up on future tests. Do this in a friendly manner however Never act hostile or frustrated when he doesn't answer all questions correctly Good Study Habits Help your son study for tests

13 Have a special study area set up for him and work together to come up with a daily schedule for studying notes and other course materials This study area should be quiet, well-lit and free of distractions Studying should be a part of the daily family routine Good Study Habits Establish a study routine

14 Estimate how long it will take to complete assignments to effectively study new material To help him with time estimation, start by having him estimate how long different assignments will take Good Study Habits Help your son work on time estimation skills

15 While studying, find ways to help him relate new information to things he already knows or to his own life experiences Good Study Habits Help your son see connections in their studies

16 Get a wall or desk calendar and mark down future test dates to stay on top of things Invest in an alarm clock to help him wake up on time in the morning He should record all assignments in the diary so he can see everything he need to do and divide his time accordingly He should Keep all completed work in one place so that these assignments don't get lost before it's time to turn them in. Good Study Habits Get your son organized

17 Knowing how to take a test is important and can make the whole test taking process a little easier for him Good Study Habits Teach good test taking skills (exam technique)

18 Talk about past tests and the upcoming tests Talking about a test beforehand can be a stress reliever many times Talk about both the successes and problem areas found on completed tests Encourage him to do better if a test didn't go so well Good Study Habits Talk about tests with your son

19 It's okay to be anxious about his tests, but don't show it If you are seen as anxious he will get anxious about his test too On that same note, if you express a positive attitude about tests, he will be more likely to remain positive as well Good Study Habits Stay calm about any tests, and keep a positive attitude

20 Avoid statements like, "If you don't get 90% on this next test you're going to be punished." It makes the situation even more stressful It is important that he remains relaxed Good Study Habits Encourage your son to do well on future tests, but don't pressure him

21 Go over any mistakes and make sure he understands what went wrong Reviewing old tests will allow him to improve in the future Good Study Habits Review completed tests with your son

22 Think about graphing his grades to show progress over the school year Don't rely on report cards and progress reports alone Take the initiative to follow his successes and failures before you get a big surprise on a report card Good Study Habits Track your child's progress

23 Good Study Habits Track his progress

24 You should reward him for doing well on tests and/or for the hard work he put forth when preparing for a test Acknowledge hard work by offering congratulations, and make sure you are available to share in his successes Display good work in a prominent place like the refrigerator to show that you are proud of his accomplishments Good Study Habits Praise and reward your son

25 Don’t wait until exam time to review notes. Review once a week all the content from that week Don’t be afraid to mark your text – use different colored highlighters for particularly important parts, but don’t defeat the purpose of highlighting by overdoing it Use SQ3R Method of Reading SURVEY ----- QUESTION ----- READ ----- RECITE ----- REVIEW All of these steps require the use of your auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses When more senses are involved, more effective learning takes place Good Study Habits Other tips

26 Good Study Habits Good Luck!!!!

27 Strathmore School Tutorial Department Robert Odero

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