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January 2004 v.3 XPL xplore technologies ® product presentation iX104C 2 Tablet PC.

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1 January 2004 v.3 XPL xplore technologies ® product presentation iX104C 2 Tablet PC

2 January 2004 v.3 XPL It uses the same technology as a laptop and does all the same tasks iX104C 2 is a standard PC It has a different shape that allows more flexibility in where it can be used

3 January 2004 v.3 XPL RUGGED Definition 4ft drop to concrete (not plywood over concrete) Spills / Rain (4/hr @ 40mph) Sand & Dust (prevent contamination) Works when Cold (-20 o C Operating) Works when Hot (+60 o C Operating) Constant Vibration A product that operates in typical user environments of mobile workers

4 January 2004 v.3 XPL Quick Specification POWERFUL Construction : Rugged Magnesium Chassis, Patent-Pending Industrial Bumper System Designed, tested, verified & warranted to MIL- STD-810F CPU : Intel Pentium M processor 733 @1.1GHz Display : 10.4 XGA Transmissive w/ AllVue option OS : Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows 2000 Pro (Dual Mode) Memory : 256MB, 512MB, 1GB SO-DIMM DDR RAM @ 333MHz Video Memory : Up to 64MB shared HDD : 2.5 rugged, shock mounted, 40GB or 80GB Audio : Integrated AC97 Audio-Sound Blaster Pro, (2) 1 Watt audio amp w/ integrated & protected speakers, Integrated Microphone

5 January 2004 v.3 XPL Quick Specification Dimensions : 8.25 x 11.20 x 1.6 (WxHxD) Weight : 4.66 lbs with std battery Drop Spec : Up to 4 to concrete (26 drops) – while Powered On w/ HDD @ idle Battery : 41Whr Li-Ion Polymer standard or 55Whr Li-Ion Polymer option Environmental Sealing : IP67 rated (immerse in water 30cm for 30 minutes) Operating Temp : -4° to 140°F/-20° to 60°C Storage Temp : -40° to 167°F/-40° to 75°C Humidity : 0 to 95% noncondensing Hazardous Rating : UL1604 Class 1 Div 2 Groups A,B,C,D MOBILE

6 January 2004 v.3 XPL Quick Specification Integrated Keypad Covered I/O Ports : 2* USB 2.0, VGA, RJ- 45 10/100 LAN, Speaker, Microphone, Power Expansion Connectors : SIM Access Slot & USB 2.0 for future Snap-On Modules Sealed Slots : PCMCIA, OEM Bay, Mini- PCI wLAN : 802.11b/g (Intel Pro/Wireless 2200) w/ Wi-Fi and CCX certification WAN : GSM/GPRS, CDMA wLAN & WAN Antennas performance matched to wireless radio(s) selected Snap-On Modules : GPS w/ WAAS, EGNOS Vehicle & Desktop Docking Stations VERSATILE

7 January 2004 v.3 XPL iX104C 2 Key Differentiators 1.iX104 Design (provides the optimum blend of ruggedness [MIL-STD-810F qualified] and value for a variety of application requirements) 2.Performance (Fast CPU and Graphics, Battery Capacity, Legacy Free, Microsoft and Intel Logod) 3.Versatility (OS, I/O, Wireless Connectivity) 4.Superior Docking Solutions (Desktop & Vehicle) 5.Dual Mode Input with Auto-Sense (only tablet with 2 integrated digitizers for user defined input preference)

8 January 2004 v.3 XPL 1. Rugged Design Thermal Management System Combination of conductive heat transfer and forced convection cooling in sealed finned transfer bay Hi-Density Magnesium Chassis Custom multi-layer enclosure, compression seals, electronics frame and ISO-damp cushioning for LCD and Hard Drive mounting Pin and Pad Expansion Ports Gold coated for high throughput and provides solid, sealed expansion capabilities for system growth Patented Bumper Protection System Protects the iX104 on X,Y,Z Axis for a total of 26 different directions (all sides, corners and edges) iX104 has over 30 unique elements to its ruggedization: For example: High impact, etched function keypad Sealed I/O module Low-profile antennas Shoe-box fit on magnesium frame

9 January 2004 v.3 XPL Military Standards For Environmental Testing iX104C 2 family passes these and many other Military standards Independently Certified Claims backed up with written proof

10 January 2004 v.3 XPL 2. Performance Intel Pentium M ULV CPUs in rugged, sealed device –Hi-end supporting chipsets Lithium ION Prismatic composition battery pack –Standard 41Whr and Hi- Cap 55Whr options Warm Swap of main battery Microsoft.NET pre-installed infrastructure

11 January 2004 v.3 XPL 3. Versatility Advanced OS support Mini-PCI expansion (internal sealed compartment) PC Card slot (internal sealed compartment) OEM bay for GSM/GPRS/GPS radios Rugged XPL modules - GPS receiver Protected on-board ports - CRT, USB, LAN Line of models to support rugged price/value ratios iX104C 2 provides for simultaneous WLAN, PAN and WAN communications to take advantage of wire free connections whether in the office or the field All radios are internal to the system so they are sealed and protected

12 January 2004 v.3 XPL 4. Superior Docking Solutions DESK Desk Dock Portrait Mode WALLVEHICLE Wall Dock Portrait ModeVehicle Dock Portrait Mode Grab and Go iX104C 2 supports "grab and go" undocking. Users can remove the iX104C 2 from its docking station without rebooting or performing any required undocking actions. Surprise undocking is ideal for mission critical workers who may often need to quickly grab their iX104C 2 and leave their main work space for other locations. Dock in either portrait or landscape mode Most commonly used I/O provided for each environment – desk, wall and vehicle Commonality in docking across entire family iX104 is placed in any version the same way so users do not have to be trained for specific environments. Essential in mission critical applications. Mount in any environment Office, Service Bay, Car, Truck, Cart, Fork Truck, Tanks, Helicopters – iX104 has mounting kits for a wide range of vehicle types

13 January 2004 v.3 XPL 5. Display/Digitizer Options Digital pen and sensor digitizer Or Above plus a Resistive pen/touch digitizer (for legacy clients not yet able to switch to Tablet PC) Instant Screen – rotation provides additional flexibility changing instantly from portrait to landscape 10.4 XGA TFT transmissive daylight readable LCD Automatic backlight controls with manual override Dedicated Tablet PC Keys and Programmable Hot Keys for user customization Digitizer Sensor and Pen Backlit Key Pad and Light Sensor Portrait ModeLandscape Mode

14 January 2004 v.3 XPL Conclusion iX104C 2 products provide optimal price/value ratios within the most rugged product line on the market Independently tested & verified to MIL-STD-810F & UL1604 Adheres to all Tablet PC Specifications Carries Designed for Microsoft Windows XP logo Carries Intel Inside logo

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