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3.2.2 The effects of contemporary relationships caused by…

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1 3.2.2 The effects of contemporary relationships caused by…

2 The effects of different technologies 0 The advance in technologies makes people more alienated from the outdoor environment and this does affect their relationship with the environment. It has made people push the limits of what they can do in the outdoor environment as they are now able to do things they were unable to do beforehand. People are more likely to use the land for more recreational activities as technology has made it safer, more weather tolerant and made activities easier to do for individuals to participate in. The changes in equipment have become more lighter making it easier to manoeuvre and participate in activities. It also makes people more capable of staying outdoors for longer trips and all seasons of the year. The changes in clothing have also made them more capable of adapting to different temperatures and also better for protection and comfort. This allows individuals to enjoy recreational activities in the outdoors a lot more. This makes them more likely to interact with the environment and makes them perceive the land as a gymnasium. This also influences their impacts on the land as they want to keep revisiting these areas so they are more likely to take on minimal impact strategies and more sustainable practices to ensure they can revisit the area again.

3 Commercialisation of outdoor environments and outdoor experiences 0 Commercialisation effects relationships with the environment because it increases people’s knowledge about the outdoors. This makes them view the land as a gymnasium and a way of having an adventure, but also how to go about it safely and responsibly. But for some who experience the outdoors by commercial influence may see the land as insignificant due to overcrowding and may make them feel alienated from the outdoors. The organisations would perceive the land as a resource and a way of making profit. Commercialisation however does increase people’s interactions with the outdoors. It makes them explore areas they usually wouldn’t because it is all easily planned out for them and the equipment is all supplied. It also allows people with little or no experience to have a chance to participate in certain activities safely due to instructors. These factors would also increase the amount of people participating in these activities and visiting these areas. Commercialisation however does have large impacts on the environment. The creation of infrastructure for activities leads clearing of the land which causes flora and animal habitat loss and also erosion. However some commercialisation organisations do find it important to teach people of minimal impact strategies and environmental issues which makes people more cautious of their impacts on the land. For the people who do have a bad experience with commercialisation activities may have no change with their relationship with the land.

4 Portrayals of outdoor environments and outdoor experiences in the media, music, art, writing and advertising 0 Portrayals of outdoor environments changes people’s relationship with the environment. These portrayals give a physical image of the land and this encourages people to want to go out and explore these areas that are being portrayed. It also highlights to people some of the environmental issues that we are facing in today’s world. It changes individual’s perception of the land to one of a temple, a place of beauty and tranquillity. These does increase the amount of people interacting with the environment, but also changes the way they interact with it. It makes them experience the outdoors as a way to relax and appreciate nature’s natural beauty. It changes the way people interact with the land as it makes them work on ways of conserving it for it to be enjoyed for generations and generations.

5 Social responses to risk taking 0 People’s relationship is changed due to the social responses of risk taking. The way people perceive the land may be changed to one of fear and avoidance. This affects people’s interactions as they may avoid activities due to their perceived risk that is involved and it may lead them to interact with the natural environment less. This may decrease the amount of people participating in certain activities due to social responses. The impacts on the land may not exactly be direct, but because someone may avoid the natural environment they may see no importance in using sustainable practices or minimal impact strategies and it is through this that they could destroy the environment.

6 Social and political discourses about climate change, water management, biosecurity and other contemporary environmental issues. 0 Social and political discourses have a major impact in changing people’s relationship with the land. It is through this individual’s perceptions are changed and see the land for it’s beauty and causes them to have respect for the land. Their interactions are altered as it inspires them to visit areas that are under threat or have unique ecosystems that need protecting. It may also encourage them to get involved in conservational activities. This causes a change in their impacts on the land. Their impacts change to ones of conservation and sustainability. They work on ways to make sure the environment can be sustained because they understand this importance in protecting our planet and working towards a more sustainable future.

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