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Travel & Expense Initiative… Final Boarding Call!.

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1 Travel & Expense Initiative… Final Boarding Call!

2 Agenda 1. Our New Integrated Travel and Expense System 2. Current Process vs. New Process 3. New University Credit Card 4. Gaining Access 5. Training 6. Questions

3 Our New Integrated Travel and Expense System Result of ROSE Travel and Expense Initiative New travel booking and expense management tool purchased from Concur It allows us to: Gain better visibility to travel and expense claim status Have a better travel and expense “experience” Save up to $400,000 per year by not paying transaction fees Potentially save up to $1M per year by having access to all options and reduced rates so you can make better travel decisions

4 Booking Travel – Current Process 1. Call Travel Agent to get airfare quotes or source your own flight and have the travel agent book  Dependent on travel agent for finding fare / best flight  Doing all the legwork yourself beforehand 2. Complete a Travel Authorization form and fax to Travel Agent and Travel Services  Require FOP signing authority signature  $45 transaction fee  Time-consuming

5 Booking Travel – New Process 1. Book online YOURSELF or on behalf of someone  Always see University reduced pricing  Able to consider all possible variables o All airlines o Flight timing o Price o # of stops  Profile completes booking information  Reduced data entry = reduced errors  No transaction fee!

6 Booking Hotel & Car – Current Process 1. Book with Travel Agent when making arrangements  Rely on Travel Agent to find best location and price or do the legwork on your own prior to booking 2. Use personal credit card for booking and payment  Need to search numerous websites looking for availability and pricing  Ties up your personal credit limit

7 Booking Hotel & Car – New Process 1. Simple click of a button to add hotel and car to travel arrangements  View all hotel and cars options all on one webpage!  Provides easy to read price comparison  Provides University reduced pricing  No need to pay using personal credit card  No HA Form needed – book Winnipeg hotels directly PLUS: Your profile lists your preferences so your travel arranger will know what you like e.g. king size bed, pool, gym, or automatic vs. standard

8 Cash Advances – Current Process 1. Complete Accountable Advance Request form  Obtain one-over-one and FOP signing authority signatures  Send copy to Travel Services Cash Advances – New Process 1. Request entered into Concur  Authorization processed electronically  Status of request, balance and usage of cash advance visible in Concur

9 On Your Trip…

10 Travel & Business Expenses– Current Process 1. Pay for expenses using personal funds – cash, credit card, debit 2. Save all receipts 3. Claim on a Travel and Business expense claim form  Data-entry  Obtain manual necessary of signing authorities  Check and input budget available of FOP  Account for air travel  Difficult to obtain/track status through the system

11 Travel & Business Expenses– New Process 1. Use the new University US Bank VISA card to pay for all your travel expenses  Credit card charges automatically feed into Concur 2. Scan, fax or upload your receipts into Concur  Use Blackberry, iPhone or Android to take images and attach to expenses 3. One-Over-One approver receives email notification and approves electronically  Use Blackberry, iPhone or Android to approve

12 Travel & Business Expenses– New Process 4. Send your receipts to Travel Services  Legal requirement PLUS SIDE – No longer need to ask Travel Services for copies/originals

13 New U of M Travel VISA Card 1. Drag and drop expenses that are charged on the card directly to your expense claim 2. Approved credit card expenses will be paid directly to US Bank VISA on your behalf once your expense claim is submitted 3. No strain on personal line of credit Access to the Card 1. Complete the new US Bank VISA Application form 2. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding 3. Send/Fax to VISA Program Coordinator

14 How Does Concur Affect YOU? 1. Saves you $$ on your FOP 2. Provides you with a seamless travel & expense experience 3. Saves time by pre-populating University credit card data for drag and drop into your expense report 4. No impact on your personal credit limit * No need for credit history 5. Added visibility – always know where your expense report is at and where it’s been 6. Submit from anywhere in the world. 7. No more forms!

15 Gaining Access Employee access very different from student access Travel Expense Employees Expense Only Students NEED TO: 1.Claim ‘@cc’ University email address. 2.Complete user access form. 3.Attend training!

16 Training Claimant Training Available for all those who travel and/or claim business expenses.  90 minute class where the system will be demonstrated and key concepts highlighted or  go through a series of webinars where understanding of the system will be assessed. Why Necessary?  Will need to access system to (1) set-up profile and (2) approve claims as a one-over-one.

17 Training Unit Expert Training Unit Experts are expected to become the support resources for their areas.  Attend Claimant Training  3 hour class  Hands-on and in-depth into the travel booking and expense claiming processes.  Bring along some previously submitted travel claims for practice.

18 Rollout Schedule Visible online at m_schedule.htm


20 Presentation information and session topics available from the Financial Services website: Thank You!

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