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Career Prospects in the UK for PUMS Medicine Graduates Ali M Al-Hilli

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1 Career Prospects in the UK for PUMS Medicine Graduates Ali M Al-Hilli

2 About this Talk Could have been over several hundred slides long! Brief and up-to-date Be aware that there are changes in laws with time The most useful links are provided at the end

3 IMGs International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

4 EEA Graduates

5 IMGs To Practise medicine in the UK you have to: – Pass the required examinations (IELTS, PLAB) – be registered with the GMC – Obtain a work permit Achieving all the above still does not guarantee a job!

6 IELTS International English Language Testing System Must be passed before PLAB test You do not have to take this test in the UK, you may attend any of over 100 centres around the world PUMS Graduates may apply for an exemption from IELTS as your degree will be completed in English

7 The PLAB Test PLAB = UMSLE PLAB: The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Test Part 1 of the PLAB test = £145 ($290) Part 2 of the PLAB test = £430 ($860) Only 46% of candidates passed Part 1 in 2006

8 PLAB Part 1 You must show that you are capable of applying knowledge to the care of patients at the level expected of a doctor who has had one year of clinical experience following graduation Can be taken outside the UK

9 PLAB Part 2 You must travel to the UK to take PLAB Part 2 You will have to pay for the costs of travel, accommodation and general living. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Designed to test your ability to practise safely as a senior house officer in a first appointment in a UK hospital It is set at the level expected at the end of Foundation Year One. 74% of candidates passed the Part 2 exam in 2006 Of those who passed the Part 2 PLAB about 50% could not secure a post after 12 months of searching (2006 figures)

10 Register with GMC Can be done online at:

11 Work Permit you do not need an offer of employment beforehand but must satisfy rigorous criteria You may be granted permission to stay for a maximum of 18 months in the UK to enable you to pass the PLAB test Visas applications through the British Embassy in Warsaw

12 EEA Graduates Final year students go to: From 29 October register an account and enrol in the application round Ensure you submit before the closing date (9 November)

13 Foundation Years The Foundation Programme is a two-year generic training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training.

14 Foundation Year 1 (F1) Builds upon the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in undergraduate training

15 Foundation Year 2 (F2) Builds on the first year of training. Main focus is on training in the assessment and management of the acutely ill patient Training also encompasses the generic professional skills applicable to all areas of medicine - team work, time management, communication and IT skills.

16 EEA Graduates freedom of movement of workers and their families EEC directive implies: – Even if your first language is not English (e.g. Polish) it would be illegal to ask you to take any language tests – However, your employer may ask you about your level of competence

17 Useful Links PLAB Immigration and work permits Seeking jobs/Medical organisations (Postgraduate Medical Education & Training Board)

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