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Hydrogen Power By Emily Temple and Megan Swartzlander.

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1 Hydrogen Power By Emily Temple and Megan Swartzlander

2 What is Hydrogen? - the simplest element known to exist -has the highest energy content of any common fuel by weight - the most abundant gas in the universe

3 How is it Made? -Several methods can be used -Steam reforming and electrolysis are currently used -Photoelectrolysis and semiconductor are two experimental methods being tried

4 How does it Work? -Based on reactions that generate the Hydrogen energy -To the left is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell -This combines the compressed hyrdogen with oxygen, causing a chemical reaction that gives us electricity, water, and power

5 What is it used for? -Hydrogen Power can be used to run cars -It has also been used on space shuttles -Used as electricity to run different kinds of engines

6 What are its advantages? -It is very versatile -Helpful in reducing negative environmental effects, like Green House Gases

7 What are the Disadvantages? -The costs of production, fuel cells and supply networks, is very expensive - It cost too much and take too much time to change everything over to Hydrogen Power

8 Conclusion -Currently about 9 million metric tons of hydrogen are produce within the US annually -It is not in widespread use currently, and will not be in the near future

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