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Unit 5 Energy Energy Usage in Agriculture. What is Energy ?  The ability to work.

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1 Unit 5 Energy Energy Usage in Agriculture

2 What is Energy ?  The ability to work

3 What is a Hydrocarbon?  hydrocarbon is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon. organic compoundhydrogen carbonorganic compoundhydrogen carbon  found naturally occur in crude oil, where decomposed organic matter provides an abundance of carbon and hydrogen which, when bonded, can catenate to form seemingly limitless chain crude oilcatenatecrude oilcatenate

4 Common types of hydrocarbon fuels  Gasoline  Diesel  Natural Gas  Propane  Kerosene  Coal

5 Another type of energy common to every day life is  Electrical

6 What is electrical energy used for ?  Lighting and heating homes  Efficient transportation  Modernized irrigation system ( changes in diesel engines to electrical engines)  As a component in internal combustion engines

7 Nuclear Energy  Heat generated radioactive decay to create steam which turns turbines to drive generators.

8 Positive Aspects to Nuclear Energy  Less pollution  Cheaper kilowatt cost over a period of time

9 Alternative energy sources  Biofuel  Biomass  Wind  Solar  Hydropower

10 Negative Aspects to Nuclear Energy  Heat generated water that has to be cool extensively before re entering the environment  Dangers from radioactive releases  How to properly dispose the wastes

11 Bio Fuels  Renewable energy from biological sources

12 Examples of common bio fuels  Bio diesel  Ethanol ( an alcohol product)  Methane gases ( derives from various waste products)

13 Biomass  Plant matter rich in cellulose  Biomass power- electrical power generated from burning plant matter

14 Examples of uses for biomass power  Burning of bagasse to create steam to generate energy operate sugarmills  Most common use for biomass is the burning of wood to heat homes and cook.

15 Wind energy uses  Power of wind used to turn a wind mill to drive pump  Now used to turn turbines to generate electricity

16 Solar Energy  Conversion of sunlight to electrical energy through the use of solar panels

17 Hydropower Energy  Moving water used to turn turbines which turns electrical generators  Ex: Toledo Bend Dam


19 Energy Transformation  Process of transforming one type of energy into another.

20 Examples of Energy Transformation  Burning a hydrocarbon like natural gas to generate electricity.  Gasoline in an internal combustion engine converting chemical energy into mechanical energy

21 Internal Combustion Engines  An engine where the combustion happens inside the engine

22 Examples of Internal combustion engines  Gasoline  Diesel  Propane  Natural Gas ( Methane)  Each engine has modifications due to the types of fuels they use.

23  For more information or to view how a propane engine runs, use the below link.

24 External Combustion Engines  An engine where the combustion happens outside the engine due to an external source of heat.

25 Common type of external combustion engine  Steam

26 How it works ?  External heat + water = steam which is pressurized in a boiler. This pressure either turns a turbine or pushes a piston.


28 Types of energy use to power external combustion engines  Wood  Any Hydrocarbons (often coal)  Nuclear

29 Common Flaws / problems with Four cycle gasoline engines  Low engine efficiency  High exhaust emissions  Noise pollution

30 Common Flaws / problems with Two cycle gasoline engines  Shorter service life  Greater emissions than that of the four cycle  Greater noise pollution than that of the four cycle  Lower engine efficiency than four cycle

31 Common Flaws / problems with Diesel engines  Costly to purchase  Heavier than other gas engines

32 Common Flaws / problems with Natural gas/ propane engines  Availability of fuels

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