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Water cycle Carbon/Oxygen Cycle Nitrogen Cycle

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1 Water cycle Carbon/Oxygen Cycle Nitrogen Cycle
Cycles of Matter Water cycle Carbon/Oxygen Cycle Nitrogen Cycle

2 Water Cycle W.C. is a continuous process in which water moves from Earth’s surface into the atmosphere and back. There are 3 main parts Evaporation: the process by which liquid water becomes a gas Energy is needed in order for evaporation to take place This energy comes from: THE SUN

3 Water Cycle Condensation: the process by which water vapor becomes liquid. Energy is released when condensation occurs Water droplets collect on dust to form clouds Precipitation: rain, snow, sleet, hail falling from the sky

4 The Water Cycle

5 Carbon/Oxygen Cycle Producers and consumers combine to recycle carbon and oxygen Producers take in carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis and store it and produce oxygen as a waste product They use it to make sugars and starches (FOOD) Ex. glucose Consumers eat the producers and absorb the carbon food molecules

Consumers take in this food and through the process of respiration create carbon dioxide as a waste product. When consumers die, decomposers break down the remaining carbon and return it to the soil. Decomposers also create carbon dioxide. Any type of burning of fossil fuels also releases Carbon dioxide into the air. HOW HAVE WE CHANGED THE CARBON/OXYGEN CYCLE?

7 Examples of the Carbon/Oxygen Cycle

8 Nitrogen Cycle The nitrogen cycle moves nitrogen from the air to the soil, into living things and back into the soil and back into the air. Most organisms can’t use “Free” nitrogen (gas) Nitrogen Fixation: this is the process that changes “free “ nitrogen into useable nitrogen Most nitrogen fixation is done by bacteria (commonly found on plant roots)(legumes) Once nitrogen has been “fixed” it can be used by organisms.

9 Nitrogen cycle Plants and animals absorb the nitrogen
Decomposers break down their waste and dead plant material and return the nitrogen back to the soil Bacteria then absorbs the nitrogen and converts it back into “Free” nitrogen gas by the process of denitrification. Nitrogen can cycle through plants and animals many times but eventually is returned to the air

10 Examples of the Nitrogen Cycle

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