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The Flyers' & Explorer's Globe

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1 The Flyers' & Explorer's Globe

2 What is the “Flyers and Explorers” Globe?
Background The American Geographical Society acquired its Fliers’ & Explorers’ Globe in 1929 as a gift from AGS President John H. Finley. As Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times, Finley invited early heroes of exploration and aviation to draw their routes and sign their names on the 18-inch globe. Signers of the Fliers’ & Explorers’ Globe over the years are men and women who have explored certain places on earth for the first time in recorded history, reached new extremes of height or depth, pioneered new means of travel, or set aviation records. Their accomplishments have been made at great personal physical risk. The Society has continued the custom and, in so doing, has created a remarkable and unique symbol of humanity’s unquenchable drive to explore the universe. Signers of the Fliers’ & Explorers’ Globe are proposed by AGS’ Exploration Committee for approval by the AGS Honors Committee and confirmation by the AGS Council.

3 What does the “Flyers and Explorers” Globe represent?
A priceless record of historically significant events of human achievement Recognition of great exploration achievements, including, but not limited to, those in aviation The importance of geography in understanding the world around us The American Geographical Society and its longstanding role in exploration

4 The AGS has developed successful corporate sponsorships in support of the Globe…
AGS developed corporate sponsorships in support of the Globe to raise awareness of the historical importance of the Globe and Exploration, and to further awareness and support of the AGS Marsh Aviation and Delta Air Lines led the sponsorship of two Globe signing events in 2004 USAIG, a leading aviation insurer, contributed funds to support Globe refurbishment The AGS offers additional sponsorships by corporations, museums and individuals for future Globe signings and corporate or “museum” public displays to further understanding and awareness of the Globe and its historical importance

5 The AGS Fliers’ and Explorers’ Globe Signers
Roald Amundsen Neil Armstrong William Anders Robert A. Bartlett William Beebe Fred Austin Alexander Beliakov M. Bellonte Russell Boardman Frank Borman Louise A. Boyd W. S. Brock Richard E. Byrd Clarence C. Chamberlin Valery Chkaloff L. Cotte D. Costes Amelia Earhart Hugo Eckener Lincoln Ellsworth Charles Evans James E. Fitsmaurice P. J. Gaffney Walt Pitman Harold Gatty John Glenn, Jr. B. Orteig Russell Owen Robert Peary Carl O. Petersen J. Polando Wiley Post Finn Ronne Fred Roots J. de Sibour Violette de Sibour Vilhjalmur Stefansson Leigh Wade Sir Hubert Wilkins J. Tuzo Wilson Walter A. Wood J. M. Wordie Bertrand Piccard William Ryan Junko Tabei Liv Arneson Edith Ronne Jennie Darlington Ann Bancroft Dr. Sylvia Earle Bryan Allen Bill Anderson Lawrence Gould K. R. Greenaway Wolfgang von Gronau Albert A. Hegenberger Matthew A. Hensen E.P. Hillary Herbert Hollick-Kenyon Baron Gunther von Hunefeld C. Kingsford Smith Herman Koehl Joseph Le Brix Richard Light Charles A. Lindbergh James Lovell George Lowe Harry Lynch Harry Lyon Lester J. Maitland Harrison Finch Brian Jones Don Walsh Jack L. Martin J.A. Mollison Robert Cushman Murphy Fridtjof Nansen Erik Nelson

6 President John F. Kennedy looks on as Astronaut John Glenn signs the Globe

7 Apollo 8

8 2004 Globe appearances… New York, March 2004, attendees join old and new signers of the globe at the Powerhouse in the Museum of Natural History. Event honorees, and new Globe signers included William Anderson – 1958 commander of the submarine NAUTILUS, first vessel to cross the North Pole by water Ann Bancroft - first woman to reach both the North Pole (1986 by dog sled) and South Pole (1993 on skis) Liv Arneson - one of the first women to ski and sail across the Antarctic Landmass in 2001 Junko Tabei – first woman to climb Mt. Everest in 1975 Prior signers who introduced the new honorees for this event: Brian Jones - carried out the first non-stop round the world flight in a balloon, Breitling Orbiter 3 William (Bill) Anders: First lunar orbital mission, 1968, Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 8 Don Walsh - dived deeper than any other humans in history when they descended to the bottom of the Marianas Trench in 1960

9 AGS President Jerry Dobson (left), Mr. and Mrs
AGS President Jerry Dobson (left), Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anderson, AGS Executive Director Mary Lynne Bird (right)                     (Left to Right) Brian Jones, Don Walsh, Junko Tabei, Bill Anderson, Liv Arnesen, Ann Bancroft, Bill Anders Ms Junko Tabei

10 New York March 2004 Globe Signing Event
Dr. Jerome Dobson, AGS Jerry Frick, Marsh Nathan Sambul, Marsh Ms. Michele Burns, Delta Chris Duncan, Delta William Anderson, Ms. Mary Lynne Bird, AGS Don Walsh Ms. Anne Bancroft Ms. Liv Arneson Ms. Mary Lynne Bird, AGS Back: Chris Duncan, Brian Jones, Don Walsh, Junko Tabei, Liv Arneson, Jerome Dobson, Anne bancroft, Bill Naders, Nathan Sambul Front: John Gould, Michele Burns, Mary Lynne Bird, William Anderson

11 2004 Globe Appearances, continued
Atlanta, May 2004, our second event, was hosted at the Atlanta History Center. Event honorees, and new Globe signers included: Bryan Allen – the first person to fly a human-powered aircraft 22 miles across the English Channel in 1979 Dr. Sylvia Earle – walked unassisted on the sea floor at a record depth of 1,250 feet below the surface in 1979 Edith Ronne – In 1947, became one of the first women to winter-over Antarctica Introducing Event honorees included: Neil Armstrong - the first person to set foot on the moon's surface in 1969 Keith Greenaway - navigated the first U.S. military flight in 1946 over the North Pole George Lowe - a member of the 1953 British Everest Expedition, the first team to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

12 Edith Ronne, Keith Greenaway, Bryan Allen
Left to Right: Neil Armstrong, George Lowe, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Edith Ronne, Keith Greenaway, Bryan Allen

13 Atlanta May 2004 Globe Signing Event Ms. Mary Lynne Bird, AGS
Dr. Sylvia Earle Ms. Edith Ronne, George Lowe Neal Armstrong, Ms. Karen Ronne Tupek Ms. Edith Ronne Bryan Allen

14 To find out more about the extensive history of the Flyers’ and Explorers’ Globe, as well as a complete listing of the Globe signers and the events for which they signed, please visit For those interested in corporate sponsorships of the Globe, or in a Globe display event for your corporation or museum event, or researching the Globe’s expansive history, please contact the Executive Director of The American Geographical Society, Ms. Mary Lynne Bird, at

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