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Chapter 10: Appliances and Lighting To be used with the Guide to Building Energy Efficient Homes in Kentucky.

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1 Chapter 10: Appliances and Lighting To be used with the Guide to Building Energy Efficient Homes in Kentucky

2 Energy Usage Appliances and home electronics account for 20% of energy bills.

3 Energy Usage

4 Energy Efficient Appliances Energy Use HeatingCoolingHot Water Major Appliances

5 New Appliance Considerations Consider: Operating costs = costs for the energy used to run the appliance Purchase price Features Image Courtesy:

6 Energy Efficient Appliances Energy efficient appliances may be more expensive Energy savings make energy efficient appliances a good buy

7 EnergyGuide Label

8 Required on: Refrigerators and freezers Water heaters Dishwashers Clothes washers Room and central air conditioners Heat pumps and furnaces Boilers Pool heaters Certain light bulbs and plumbing products Ceiling fans (2009) Not required on: Kitchen ranges Microwave ovens Clothes dryers Demand-type water heaters Portable space heaters


10 Lighting Standard incandescent bulbs Most common lighting sources for homes Inefficient – Converts 10% of electricity to lighting (90% is waste heat)

11 Lighting Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) – Energy efficient LED lighting High-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps – Exterior use – Energy efficient

12 Conservation Create home designs that use : Use motion or occupancy sensors Energy efficient fixtures and lamps Local task lighting Accent lighting Timers and light-sensitive switches Sunlight Solid-state dimmers

13 Lighting About 12 lumens 60 watts About 840 lumens Lumen - the basic unit of measurement of light Wattage – measurement of power a lamp uses Efficiency – lumens/watt Average Rated Service Life – duration of bulb until burn out

14 Efficacy The efficiency (efficacy) of a lamp is measured in lumens of light produced per watt of electricity consumed.

15 Fluorescent Lighting Guidelines Type of RoomSize of Room (sq ft)Amount of Light Needed (watts) Living room, Bedrooms, Family room or Recreation room under 15040 to 60 150 to 25060 to 80 over 250.33 watt/sq ft Kitchen, Laundry, or Workshop under 7555 to 70 75 to 12060 to 80 over 120.75 watt/sq ft

16 Costs

17 Standard Designs versus Energy Efficient Residential Lighting Designs RoomHr/Day Standard Lighting DesignEnergy Efficient Design Type*WattsKwh/yr Extra Cost ($) Type*WattsKwh/yr Kitchen8I15043830F60175 Living6I1503285H135296 Dining5I75137  I75137 Bathrooms (2)4I200292  I200292 Hallway10I15054530F60219 Bedrooms (3)4I22532830F90131 Laundry4I10014625F3044 Closets (5)1I300110  I300110 Porch12I10043815F30131 Floodlight12I3601,577100HPS150657 Total Annual Electricity Use (kwh) 4,339 2,192 Annual Lighting Cost ($ @ $.065/kwh) $282 $142 Annual Savings on Lighting Costs$140 Simple Extra Cost for Energy Efficient Lighting$235 Payback Period1.6 years Rate of Return on Investment60% *I = Incandescent; F = Fluorescent; H = Halogen; HPS = High Pressure Sodium

18 ENERGY STAR® Advanced Lighting Package ENERGY STAR® Advanced Lighting Package (ALP) = EPA designation to identify homes equipped with a comprehensive set of ENERGY STAR® qualified light fixtures: 60% ENERGY STAR® hard-wired fixtures 100% ENERGY STAR® ceiling fans

19 Recessed CFI Pin Light

20 Recessed Light


22 Advanced Lighting Package Benefits: Energy bill savings Improved quality Flexibility Qualified lighting fixtures generate ~ 75% less heat than standard incandescent lighting – Higher thermostat settings Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants

23 Recessed Lights Potential problem is air leakage through the ceiling – Use air-tight labeled fixtures – Use insulation contact (IC) rated fixtures

24 Air-Tight Recessed Lights Sealed TrimSealed Lens Sealed Housing

25 Soffit Air Seal

26 Solar Tube Light

27 Solar Light Tube

28 Summary

29 Durable Convenient and practical Healthy Resource-efficient

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