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Museumsportal and Digicult:

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1 Museumsportal and Digicult:
an interdisciplinary project of museums in Northern Germany Frauke Rehder, Minerva Plus, Berlin

2 Schleswig-Holstein most northern federal state of Germany
located at the border to Denmark between North Sea and Baltic Sea circa 2,82 million inhabitents lacking of economic infrastructure rising importance of tourism 263 museums

3 What ist DigiCult ? DigiCult Museums SH is a pilot
projekt promoted by the EU for digital retention and publication of selected inventories of museums in Schleswig-Holstein. It includes: data collection networking and thesauri linked data inquiry and publication

4 Parameters Project executing organisation: City of Flensburg
Cooperation: 9 (+ 8) Museums, University of Kiel and other partners Project financing: 50 % EU subsidies, 50 % own resources (staff appropriations) project value: approx. 2 million Euro duration: 1st Mai 2003 – 30th April 2006

5 Currently Participating Museums
Museumsberg Flensburg Museen für Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte Lübeck Kunsthalle zu Kiel (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel) Kieler Stadt- und Schiffahrtsmuseum Dithmarscher Landesmuseum Meldorf Computerschausammlung der FH Kiel Geologisch- Mineralogisches Museum der CAU zu Kiel Theatergeschichtliche Sammlung der CAU zu Kiel Botanischer Garten der CAU zu Kiel associated: Altonaer Museum, Hamburg Künstlermuseum Heikendorf Dat ole Hus, Aukrug Medizin- und Pharmaziehistorische Sammlung der CAU zu Kiel Arthothekenverband Schleswig-Holstein, Eckernförde Stormarnsches Dorfmuseum, Hoisdorf Landesgeschichtliche Sammlung der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Landesbibliothek Kiel Wenzel-Hablik-Museum, Itzehoe Diese Mus. repräs. einen Querschn.… und spiegeln die Kulturlandschaft, angefangen Min..Lü..Kuhalle Lü

6 The project includes: Setup a consulting centre for technical development and advice Supply of hard- and software for digitizing the inventory of the participating museums (Dokbase, incl. ThumbsPlus) Further development of software, esp. registration and publication databases Help developing specific thesauri as network solutions by definition of standards, testing the including of national and international standards (SWD, Hölzl, ULAN, TGN, ICON CLASS) Publication of information of the recorded objects in the internet via “Museumsportal Schleswig-Holstein” ( Multimedia support by the interdisciplinary multimedia centre (IZM) at the University of Kiel Current courses to qualify the staff in the museums Scientific monitoring and evaluation of the project (3 reports published) National and international exchange of current developments and results Collaboration with other partners (Tourism, Education)

7 DokBase concept (data collection and collection management)
DokBase.xtree (Networking and thesauri) Dokbase.meta (webbased Metadata, MySQL4 as Container for xml-data, to be used for Publication and DataExchange)

8 Structure of the database

9 DokBase Networking via Webservice

10 Status quo ca Objects digitized, published on the Internet Current digital registration in the Museums, partly transfer of former databases in New Server for all the DigiCult modules and the website including an CMS since february 2005 Multilingualism for supra-regional/international Exchange implemented on the new Server development of data exchange structures between, dokBase.xtree and dokBase.meta public DTD since january 2005

11 application software for a cultural historical collection

12 Mineralogical Museum, classifikation for minerals by Hölzl

13 Dokbase.xtree Webbased administrationtool for lists, classifikations, thesauri and further object data Comparison with standardised data in process: SWD (Schlagwort-Normdatei), IconClass, Getty ULAN (Union List of Artist Names) intended: Getty AAT (Art- and Architecture Thesaurus), Getty TGN (Thesaurus of Geographic Names), AKL (Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon) ? Access by the museums, the DigiCult consulting center and external users (differentiated access authorization) controled vokabulary after Din 1463 (poly hierarchies, synonyms, connotations) unique Digi-Id for every descriptor

14 DokBase.xtree: IconClass

15 DokBase.xtree: IconClass Maria lactans

16 Homepage Museums in Schleswig-Holstein

17 Museumsportal: Collections

18 Link from data about an artist to search of literature via GBV

19 Biographie of Emil Nolde via Wikipedia

20 Practical Experience Comparison with standardised data not on the focus of the participating museums Only little acceptance of IconClass Comparison with SWD only by DigiCult-Team Classification of artistic styles is treated with reserve altogether: least depth of classification, simple lists of notions prefered Self-interest is of vital importance instead of common / international inquiry and publication Control of vocabulary by the offer of standarsized data in a complex structure with a simple interface Current advanced training and editorial support is necessary

21 Thank you for your attention!
Contact: Projekt DigiCult Museen c/o Museumsberg Flensburg Museumsberg 1 24937 Flensburg Tel. 0461/851203 Fax: 0461/852993 Frauke Rehder

22 Acknowledgements: Lütger Landwehr Gisela Lentz Britta Georgi
Axel Vitzthum

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