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NC Federation of Republican Women Treasurer Training.

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2 NC Federation of Republican Women Treasurer Training

3 Treasurer Responsibility Custodian of all Club Funds Maintain Club membership roster Other Duties as defined in Club Bylaws

4 Custodian of Club Funds Document ALL funds (contributions) received on behalf of the Club – Includes membership dues, in-and-out money such as collection for meals and fundraisers. You should: ◦ Make copies of all checks ◦ Document all cash with donor name ◦ Rules:  No cash receipts in excess of $50  Must keep record of total contribution for each individual  Must have address, phone and occupational information for individuals who contribute over $50 in an election cycle.

5 Custodian of Club Funds 2. Pay Club Expenses Maintain back-up for all paid expenses

6 Questions How do I keep these records? Can be done manually or Excel – or can use the Campaign Reporting software. What is an Election Cycle? Is a two year period beginning on January 1 following a General Election.

7 Requirements Must appoint a Treasurer The appointment of treasurer is made on the Statement of Organization- Party Committee form (CRO-2100C). The CRO-2100C is the only form that can be used by a political party committee to officially change the Treasurer. Responsibility of Treasurer ◦ Must maintain all financial records of the “Committee” ◦ These records should document every transaction of the “Committee” including all documentation supporting all contributions and expenditures. ◦ Responsible for the timely filing of all required reports. ◦ Responsible for the accuracy of the reports and for compliance with campaign finance laws. Mandatory Treasurer Training – ◦ is required with the NC SBOE within three months of appointment ◦ and again once every four years ◦ Training available at NC SBOE, or online at

8 Reporting Financial Information Within 10 days of a political party committee organizing, must also file Certification of Financial Account Number Information (CRO-3500). This must also be submitted if bank accounts change

9 Threshold determination Club must determine if they intend to receive and/or spend over $3,000 during the election cycle. If the club determines that they will NOT spend over $3,000 for the election cycle, a Certification of Threshold form (CRO-3600) must be completed and filed at the beginning of every election cycle. If club determines they WILL spend over $3,000, then Campaign Reports must be filed on due dates.

10 $3,000 File a Certificate of Threshold (CRO-3600) at the beginning of every election cycle. Campaign Reports must be filed on due dates throughout the election cycle.

11 Campaign Finance Reporting

12 NC SBOE Campaign Reports If your committee has not filed under the Threshold, Campaign Finance reports are required to be filed. These reports can either be filed on paper or electronically. Disclosure Report Cover form CRO-1000. Detailed Summary form CRO-1100. When using paper forms to report, the Detailed Summary form CRO-1100 is your roadmap. If you list a dollar amount on any line of that form, you will need to complete the form that is listed beside the dollar amount. If you use the electronic software, this process is even simpler

13 Disclosure Reports - Receipts ◦ CRO-1205 - Aggregated Contributions from Individuals – Optional form used to report NC Contributions from individuals of $50 or less ◦ CRO-1210 - Contributions from Individuals – Form to report individual contributions over $50 or contributions under $50 if form CRO 1205 is not used. ◦ CRO-1220 – Contributions from Political Party Committees – County Party or other RW Clubs ◦ CRO-1230 – Contributions from Other Political Committees - Candidates

14 Disclosure Reports - Disbursements Disbursements ◦ CRO-1310 – Disbursements - Form to report expenditures from committee

15 Where do I file these reports? All reports should be filed with the Campaign Finance Office of the State Board of Elections at 506 North Harrington Street, Raleigh, NC 27603 The mailing address is: PO Box 27255 Raleigh, NC 27611-7255 Telephone:919-733-7173

16 Prohibitions It is unlawful for any corporation, business entity, labor union, professional association, or insurance company to directly or indirectly contribute to any political party committee.

17 Reporting Contributions All contributions must be reported. If the political party committee has certified to remain under the $3,000 threshold, all contributions must be documented and maintained internally. Upon request of the NC SBOE, these documents would be required to be produced by the committee.

18 Contributions (Cont’d) Committees not filing under the threshold are required to report all contributions. All contributors contributing over $50 for the election must be reported with the contributor’s name, address and occupational information.

19 Contributions (Cont’d) Contributions received from an individual that have not exceeded $50 since the day after the last election or primary do not require the reporting of the name, address or occupational informational information of the individual.

20 Things to Remember Document, document, document – all money received Submit NC SBOE Reports on a timely basis If you need, help – call NC SBOE – they are there to help Must submit CRO-3500 & CRO-2100C when there is change of Treasurers Must decide Threshold question

21 Membership Roster Receive membership report from NCFRW Indicate which members have renewed. Indicate any changes in member information. Return with dues for members ($13/each for regular and $11 for Honorary) Annual Club Service Charge of $15.

22 Summary Keep accurate accounting records Campaign Finance Reports are filed with the NC State Board of Elections Membership Report is submitted to NCFRW Help is always available with NC SBOE or NCFRW

23 Questions?


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